$909.00 cookies

By:  Diane Benjamin

The City of Bloomington and the Town of Normal gets by with throwing away your money because they are HOME RULE.  They both need their HOME RULE status revoked!  All it takes is a referendum.

Yes, these are $909.00 cookies for City employees for St Patrick’s Day!





See this email – note it’s from the person who thinks she should be the next McLean County Clerk!

See the receipt here:

Cookie Receipt

7 thoughts on “$909.00 cookies

    1. If I were running against her, I’d copy this article and use it for campaign literature as to why one should NOT vote for her.

  1. Home rule will go away by itself when the population of BLONO drops like it is doing right now. You cant sling a dead cat without hitting a business or a house for sale in BLONO

  2. I wonder how the owners and workers of these businesses vote after receiving $1,000 food orders.

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