Normal: Unintended Consequences

By:  Diane Benjamin

Town of Normal for 8/6/2018

PDF page 38 – $25,503 to buy more recycling containers – demand for them is up.  Earlier this year Normal quit funding drop off locations where citizens did the work for them.  Now the Town has to buy more containers with yellow lids and the Public Works guys get to collect more recyclables.  The Law of Unintended Consequences!

Payments tonight:

Add this one to the $658.50 for printing invitations:

That’s $4408.50 throwing a private party!

Normal employees can ride Connect transit for free. Obviously not many do:

I bet you weren’t invited to the Economic Development Council dinner either:

Multicultural is the opposite of being American.  Think about it.

Town Schwag?

You must be entertained: 

Looks like Normal thinks they pay Frontier too much money – they paid to find out:

In case you have  wondered how much it cost:


9 thoughts on “Normal: Unintended Consequences

  1. And to top it all off, tonight they’ll officially open Mark Peterson Plaza to pay homage to his majesty, Mark Peterson. Forgot how much that cost. I know there’s a monument. Reception will probably follow. Let ’em eat cake!

    1. Wishing I was a witch about now so I could conjure up a bunch of pigeons to visit the site frequently to leave their marks.

    2. Peterson was Koo’s enforcer. He’s a bully that uses intimidation to get things done. Maybe they could name the empty space in Uptown for Koos since it matches his promises of Uptown…overpriced, pretentious, and empty.

  2. Spendthrifts on steroids except the money isn’t theirs. Is there something in government documents that forbids these purchases?

  3. $1,250 for an EDC dinner? No doubt they sat around and told each other that everything is going to be ok. The State Farm issue is exaggerated and our local economy is booming. This is a destination after all. Let’s just hold hands and spend money on consultants and blue-ribbon committees stacked with champions for big government. Haha!

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