Cornbelters Liens – unpaid taxes

By:  Diane Benjamin

Followup to this story:

I discovered more information about the Cornbelters.  They have two liens placed by the Illinois Department of Employment Security, meaning they didn’t pay the payroll taxes due.   From 2016-2017 they owe $24,173.64 including interest, from 2015 they owe $2,054.94 plus interest of $621.87.

Source: 2016 and 2017 

Source: 2015

Also, the mortgage on the stadium is no longer held by Busey Bank, it was refinanced with the Small Business Administration in 2011.  The original amount of the loan was $2,000,000.   SBA loan

I FOIA’d Heartland Community College for payments made to them by the Team, below is what I received.  Note the property taxes.

The PIN number provided by HCC was 14-17-400-004.

On the County website, that PIN hasn’t been used for tax purposes since 2013.  Tax for 2013 was ZERO.

From the information on the Recorder’s site, construction loans were never $11,000,000.  Busey did do a loan modification in 2011 reducing it from $2,112,500 to $1,984,000.   Loan Modification

More information will probably be available when the sale is finalized and new documents are recorded.


5 thoughts on “Cornbelters Liens – unpaid taxes

  1. Wow! The demon rat lib mayors and their ilk is really turning our beloved B-N into a third world s**thole. Much of their economic development loses money, backside of uppity town on College Ave. looks like tenements, downtown Bloomington beginning to resemble a ghost town. More taxes and fees to steal the peoples money while funds misused and infrastructure crumbles.

  2. The Cornbelters are a joke! A prime example of government-colluding to entertain us and enhance the “quality of life”. There’s no interest or demand for their product. The place is a ghost town on game day, except for a 100 or so comped tickets. It’s one of many mediocre at best entertainment options that oversaturate the Twin Cities. Isn’t it interesting that the amount of taxes paid declined in line with Cornbelters game attendance (and likely revenue)? This seems way too fishy. By the way, if they owe government money it makes you wonder who else is owed money. How many vendors have placed them in collections or have cut ties with the Cornbelters all together?

  3. Rumor has it that Mr. Hundman & Mr. Wilder had been terminated from Coldwell banker

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