Comment cut from video -Tiritilli

By:  Diane Benjamin

On September 30th a Joint meeting of the County Board, Normal Council, and the Bloomington City Council was held.  This was an official meeting which was required to comply with the Open Meetings Act.

Public Comment was held at the beginning of the meeting.  Marc Tiritilli was the only speaker.  His topic was Connect Transit.

Bloomington has finally posted video of that meeting.  Instead of posting the entire meeting, they cut it into 3 parts:

joint meeting

Marc Tiritilli’s comments should have been on Part 1.  They aren’t.

Roll call was also cut, so there is no official record on video of who attended and who didn’t.  

All 3 Boards should be approving the minutes of this meeting.  Normal is meeting tonight, approving the minutes are not on the agenda.  Even if the minutes are eventually approved, we know they will not reflect what Marc said.  They will merely include a note that he spoke,

Still trust your government?

FOIA filed.




8 thoughts on “Comment cut from video -Tiritilli

  1. All the BS crony elite area players are represented in these videos with their “strategic missions… blah blah” This is a sh#t show of clueless public money milkers saying a lot of nothing about what they are not doing. It is incredible that they can take themselves seriously. Be advised: Watching them talk will lower your IQ a few points and possibly make you very angry.

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  2. On Normal’s meeting tonight I wish someone would comment about their handling of public comment being illegal. When Koos tries to stop them by saying it is not part of the agenda, one can ask if public comment is not on the schedule for tonight. When he has to reply that it is, then it can be pointed out ANYTHING said in comment is part of the agenda since public comment is indeed part of the agenda. Am I writing in circles you bet, but the time has come to fight Koos and since the state AG has noted one can not restrict public comment it is time to get it on record Koos has fought it at every meeting. Something to be used in future elections as to the ability of him and certain council men to ignore the concerns of the people.

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      1. Do not have local public standing. However one would argue that out of towners should as they still have to pay (through some taxes) the decisions made by these fool when they make purchases i Normal.

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