The Clueless in Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below is another sheet the participants at the Citizens Summit worked from.  Although most of the questions show Normal has no idea what citizens think government should be – Question 5 is especially telling.

The person who sent this page to me reported the entire table answered it:  NOTHING!

The table was a mix of political ideologies, they all agreed!  Now the question is:  Did Normal get the message?

normal questions

One thought on “The Clueless in Normal

  1. The ‘Citizen Summit’ was the pinnacle of narcissistic government. First stack the crowd with yes-men and the like, and discourage Real citizen involvement. Then slant the questions to evoke praise rather than honest feedback. And cap it off with ‘And what can we say to make it seem like Your idea when we continue to just do what we want?’
    ‘NOTHING!’ is the correct answer – I was glad to hear so many others had it as well.

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