County Slate – no wonder Rankin wants out

By:  Diane Benjamin

Below are all the people who filed for County offices.  The ones in red boxes will be on the primary ballot, evidently retiring dem party chair Erik Rankin couldn’t stop leftists from competing to see who can be the most extreme.  2 races will have democrat primaries, only one republican.  I wonder if George Gordon knew he wasn’t extreme enough to keep his seat.  I wonder if Rankin will coerce ISU students into helping him win?  (He works there)

Keep in mind when voting:

All the names with a “D” behind them belong to the party that put a Constitutional Amendment on the Illinois ballot to RAISE TAXES instead of a Constitutional amendment to fix pensions and unfunded liabilities.  It won’t be long before half of every tax dollar sent to Springfield goes too pay benefits for employees who are retired.

Worse, democrats are lying to you claiming your taxes won’t go up.  They claim only the rich will pay more.

The POSTER CHILD for the “rich won’t be hanging around paying more” is none other than Governor Pritzker.  He removed toilets to keep from paying taxes.  The rich know how to escape taxation, those progressive taxes will be paid by you!

Since democrats don’t fix problems and only want more of your money, why is anyone still a democrat?   

How far left will the next democrat party chair be?  I predict: Off The Cliff.

Candidate Petition Filings 2020 for web

10 thoughts on “County Slate – no wonder Rankin wants out

  1. Yeah sure, since Rauner did such a bang up job as governor. As governor he allowed Illinois to compile $14.6 billion in unpaid bills. The state’s nearly three-year failure to pass a budget has sent its bond ratings careening toward junk level, downgraded a staggering eight notches below most other states. All of this under a Republican governor leadership. The Illinois General Assembly finally passed a budget over the governor veto.

    With university enrollments plummeting, large-scale social service agencies shuttering and the Chicago Public Schools forced to borrow just to stay open through the end of this school year. All because Rauner couldn’t comprise with a Democratic majority. Illinois for years borrowed from pension fund rather than raise taxes. It has for years taken the politically palatable option of, allowing its pension backlog to balloon and failing to sock away money for emergencies. All of this under Republican governor leadership with governor named Thompson and Edgar. The Illinois General Assembly finally passed a budget over riding the governor’s veto. I don’t what fantasy land you live where a state has almost 15 billion in unpaid bills and high deficits and there isn’t a need to raise taxes.


    1. Total Illinois tax burden is one of the 2 or 3 HIGHEST in the country. Services are pretty lousy (if you are not an illegal or a welfare fraudster). You think they need more taxes? Geesh………

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  2. Rauner was one of the BEST Governors that Illinois EVER had. It’s just too bad that people who are “lifers” like Madigan and Cullertin just BLOCKED him at EVERY junction he had! THOSE are the IDIOTS that SHOULD have been gone 10 years ago..
    As for the county raising taxes. Being a farm person. it’s starting to look BETTER every day to just LEAVE Illinois and let someone else do it! Would LIKE to leave it to the Niece, but with NO profit and raising taxes, it’s JUST A BURDEN! And NO I don’t blame Trump, the world can only eat/buy so much food, and the US has fed the world for WAY too long. I’m beginning to think WHICH 50 million people do YOU want to starve?? And that’s a 25 year old question by Marshall McGlamory of the U of I when he was asked about the use of pesticides/herbicides, etc in a lecture for the retail industry of America back in the day. HE MADE A GOOD POINT! There are NO simple solutions, only INTELLIGENT choices! As a Caterpillar ad once read,,,,,


  3. Bertrand is running as a Democrat?! What?! As Catholics I’m surprised they would be on the side of the pro aborts. Wow. Just wow.


  4. SO, I GUESS it’s don’t do as I DO, do as I say??? Being a methodist, we’re pretty much pro choice, which I don’t ALWAYS agree with Diane on. BUT, if that’s the doctrine you are SUPPOSED to follow, then HOW CAN YOU EXPECT one to follow things outside the church, I believe that’s called Hippocratic. IF I’m not mistaken. But don’t get ME wrong, just because my “religion” allows abortion don’t mean that I MYSELF believe it’s ok to kill a human being. That is and ALWAYS will be a point for the philosophy majors!! They NEED a reason for a job, just like Political Science professors and bicycle shop owners.. Just for the record..


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