ILGOP thinks non-citizen voting deserves a donation from you

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tim Schneider, head of the ILGOP really has gaul.

Today he sent a fundraising letter .  It includes this:

At the Illinois Republican Party, we’re working every day to make sure that our rights as Illinoisans and Americans are upheld and protected. We’re determined to stop corrupt politicians and corrupt institutions from enabling this level of ineptitude.

Gee Tim, you have two Brady’s in leadership.  Billy is caught up regulating video gaming while he works in the same industry.  Dan voted yes on all three bills to raise taxes.  Republicans couldn’t even stand together to oppose abusing taxpayers.

It also includes this statement:

Diane: it simply is inexcusable that non-citizens voted in Illinois and potentially affected the outcome of elections across the state.

Think back Tim, how did Illinois get AUTOMATIC Voter Registration?  

Tim claims voting is a Right and a Privilege, it doesn’t take a lot of brains to realize automatically registering people is going to give rights to people who aren’t entitled to that privilege.

So, how did Illinois end up registering non-citizens?  Incompetence for sure, but the entire IL GOP joined the Democrats in voting for it.  REPUBLICAN governor Bruce Rauner signed it:

The only reason this story is now commanding media attention is because a conservative (me!) found it and conservative Fran Eaton of Illinois Review covered it.  This story would never have seen daylight without CONSERVATIVES Tim!

The IL GOP hates conservatives.  Instead of donating to the party who sides with Democrats way too much of the time, donate to conservatives.  Hit delete on Tim’s email.

In case you want to be heard, Tim Schneider’s email:  [email protected]


19 thoughts on “ILGOP thinks non-citizen voting deserves a donation from you

  1. In addition to Diane and Fran, we should thank all the Conservative bloggers who shared the story via social media, the individuals who added their own related personal stories,….
    the Conservative media & politicians who picked it up…
    then the rest of the media & elected officials who jumped on the bandwagon.
    As for donations, I give a little to my local GOP (so we can operate) and some to individual candidates that I know to be good.
    People give to the National or Illinois GOP because they like the platform (or don’t trust the alternative). If the state party would do a better job of supporting candidates who support the platform (generally conservatives) and giving credit where credit is due, we would donate more to them.

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  2. Heck, seems any more one NEEDS a score card or “program” to see who’s WHAT! Republicans anymore make FORMER mayor Dailey of Chicago look like a decent guy.. As for the “Brady bunch” I say DEFENESTRATE them in the NEXT election!


  3. Check the specific individuals, but oftentimes a Libertarian candidate would be better for a conservative voter than a ‘Dem-lite’ Republican would. Jus’ sayin’…


    1. Karl-

      We almost always agree–thank you for your support. But time and time again, libertarian candidates run just strong enough to syphon off 2-3% of the votes and hand elections to the Marxists…er….Democrats. Montana Senate, 2018. KENTUCKY GOVERNOR, 2019.

      Come on Brother, with the headwinds of urban voter fraud, illegals voting by the thousands, and a corrupt and almost totally biased news media, we just gotta work together, and that usually means in the Republican camp.


      1. Most Libertarians are aware of the saying “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good” and take into account whether fielding a Libertarian means opposing a good candidate. When I ran for town council, I often told people I’d vote for Stan before I’d vote for myself, but there’s only one Stan and three positions open. While the local LP is small enough that we seldom field a full slate, there are some races where that is a conscious decision rather than a function of logistics.


  4. Did you or any of your commenters read your Brennan Center link? I guess not.
    “The plan would help sign up Illinoisans currently not on the voter rolls by automatically registering them when they interact with the DMV and other state agencies, unless they decline. It is an approach that not only increases voter participation, but also saves states money and increases accuracy of voter rolls. Illinois’ legislation is notable for having the potential to bring the reform to a broad range of state agencies, as opposed to other efforts around the country that focus largely on driver’s license–issuing offices.”

    Or this: “Illinois is the 10th state, along with Washington, D.C., to approve automatic voter registration. Oregon, the first state to fully implement its automatic voter registration plan, now has some of the highest voter registration rates in the country. Illinois’ unanimous vote in both chambers, along with the Governor’s signature, is the latest step in an unmistakable trend of bipartisan support for the reform. ”

    It was neither incompetence nor anything else but a computer glitch. This caused a grand total of 16 non-citizens to vote after the investigation. A statistically insignificant number.


    1. Thanks for the Democrats talking points. It actually makes turnout percentages less Because if they didn’t care enough to register to vote before they are going about now. You don’t know if it turned any races, there were ones won by 1 vote

      This does mean the integrity of elections is in doubt. They didn’t announce the problem, I exposed it. Nobody believed it was only around 600 non citizens registered.

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      1. 1. You put the Brennan Center link in your blog not me. Do you regularly place links you don’t read?
        2. You’re wrong about turn out percentages
        3. 16 votes are statistically insignificant and has no impact on the integrity of elections.
        4. It was a computer glitch, not incompetence or corruption or because the DVM couldn’t ask for the applicants citizenship status. Even IF there were 600 non citizens who voted (they didn’t) it would still be statistically insignificant.


        1. You are hilarious. Of course I read the story – it proves the GOP is complicit, Point 3 is ridiculous, this is now a NATIONWIDE story because every vote by an illegal cancels the vote of a citizens. I’m a programmer, glitches don’t happen by being competent. How to do know the DMV is telling the truth? They didn’t admit to anything publicly until they were exposed. You obviously believe government is good, that’s un-American. Try doing some research for a change.

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  5. Complicit? Complicit in a database glitch? Everyone was in a database error? O.K. I’ll bite. Legislators pass a bi-partisan bill to register voters at the DMV. The database they selected turned out to have a bug. What that never has happened? There has never been in the history of mankind any computer bugs. I guess according to your logic it has to be a massive conspiracy where everyone is in on it. Right…….

    The DMV registers over 747,391 during that time. It’s discovered that 545 legal non citizens were accidentally registered because of poorly worded question. Of that 16 people who were found to be citizens voted. How is anyone “complicit”? There are 12.6 million people in Illinois and you’re obsessing about 16 votes? Get over yourself, it was human error…


    1. Every vote by a non citizens cancels the vote of a citizens. This glitch put people at risk for deportation and it put the integrity of elections at risk. Nobody believes the numbers. Thanks for playing, please explain why it is a national story if it’s no big deal.

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    2. The SOS said they can’t just remove them because it is possible that someone who is a citizen, check “non-citizen”. Hmm… If the clerk does not catch a citizen checking non-citizen, what makes anyone think that a non-citizen who checked “citizen” would be caught?

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  6. What this blogger doesn’t want you to know is that other news outlets covered this story with actual facts and with less prejudice and bias. The only people who need to get a grip are the blogger and her supporters.


    1. I didn’t REPORT the story I BROKE the story. There wouldn’t be a story without me finding the FACTS. Until the name of every person registered to vote in Illinois is run through E-Verify nobody is going to trust elections in Illinois. Thanks for the propaganda.

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