Guess what I got – and it didn’t take 5 days!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Three emails with my FOIA request showed up last night:  Public Building Commission!

Almost every other government agency waits 5 days to respond to FOIA requests, even if they have the information easily available.  Thanks to Robert Porter, Commission Council.

If you missed the previous stories:

Evidently the records can be viewed at the County Clerk’s office.  They must not realize this is 2020, since the Commission was established in 1967 this thing called the INTERNET was developed.  I’m happy to announce they at least know how to email.

Start with some background, I’m glad they found Jim Fruin, the County website didn’t list him.  The County didn’t list Rob Fazzini either.  I wonder when the City Council voted on his appointment . . .  (He was appointed on 1/14/2019 by the Council)

pbc founded


Do you know this?

pbc properties

Of course, more to come.

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