Fake News

By:  Diane Benjamin

This story could go 1000 different ways.  Most readers here know Fake News when they see it.

The local media doesn’t.

This morning two women on a local radio station were discussing how distressing it is to be called Fake News since they are in the media.

A month or so ago one of these women made a remark that bloggers should be trained journalists.  I could hardly stop laughing,

Freedom of the Press is vital to survival of the Republic,  What we see is media has been an arm of the Democrat Party for many decades.  Did you know the New York Times knew Hitler was killing jews and kept it a secret?

Jump to today.  Nothing the Democrats do ever gets scrutiny.  Ever since Trump was elected big media has drooled over ever investigation and given the American people the impression “We’ve got him now”.  They have a 100% failure rate while either downplaying or ignoring Trump successes.

What about local media?

They sure didn’t find the improprieties at the Coliseum!   Did they ever ask questions when Judy Stearns asked numerous times about reviewing the contract and concessions?  Did they ever report on things I printed or the lawsuit I filed?  NOPE.

Did they discover non citizens were “accidentally” registered to vote?  NOPE.

I do have to credit WGLT for noting that I was the first to report the story.

(I have not seen other local media admit it)

I could make this list really long, but you readers already know the facts.

Media is failing to look at themselves.  They should have noticed a problem when Hillary was predicted to win the 2016 election but didn’t.  Instead they have sided with Democrats because the opinions of 63 million American voters is immaterial.  If they believe polls where Joe Biden defeats Trump they are falling into the same Hillary trap again.

Google “percent of democrat journalists”.  Estimates are around 97%.  They even donate money to Democrat candidates. That isn’t Freedom of the Press, that’s propaganda.

If any media is called Fake News, they earned the title.  If the press wants to be partisan they are free to do that. They become Fake News by refusing to openly admit it.




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8 thoughts on “Fake News

  1. WOW! The things the DEMOCRATS didn’t teach me in college. I wonder HOW they forgot Thomas Paine, W. R. Hearst, Sinclair, Murdock, Lowell Thomas, even Walter Cronkhite, they ALL studied “journalism”?? REALLY??
    They lived more “Journalism” in a day then most contemporary “reporters” see in a year. I’m sure I forgot MANY others, the list must read like a Democratic Debate lineup..
    I’ve ALWAYS wondered how the BBC can give more ACTUAL news in an hour then U.S. reporters give in a week. Even using the “Queens english”…

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  2. Just to clarify, Clinton won the popular vote. Trump won the electoral college. Dispute the 3m vote difference all you want, but a popular win is still a win, as is an electoral win is still a win. I applaud them both for running.


    1. No, Clinton did not “win” the popular vote. There is no category called “the popular vote”. In fact, neither candidate got any votes. We do not elect a president. We do not vote for a president. We elect electors who then vote for the president.

      Of course, civics is not taught, so ignorance is excusable to a degree.

      But, I know the journalists told you Clinton won, so they must be right! And they would not have an agenda, would they?

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  3. To give the local media (TV radio and newspaper) the title of fake news is giving them way too much credit. Yes it is fake but most of it isn’t even news. It generally is closer to oral sex to appease a select few in local government.


  4. The media, in general, has been disrupted by technology. Anyone, anywhere with connectivity can share news through the internet, including social media. This scares journalists whose identities are wrapped up in the misguided belief they and only they are qualified to print/write the news. Why, because they have a degree in journalism and/or work for an established, traditional news organization? To traditional media types, this criteria qualifies them and disqualifies Diane…or for that matter, anyone that starts a Facebook Group, shares a story on social media, or offers a platform and voice for others. It’s amazing how much the media will stand up for freedom of the press…unless of course, you’re not one of them. As for the local media, we’ve known for some time that they don’t even question much less investigate the protected, ruling class in government and in the community.

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  5. From a old TV show: ” Trust only me and thee! ” How sad is the state of even the local media when “trust and verify” does not apply to them,let alone the actors in the major news league.

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