Picture: Stan’s property

By:  Diane Benjamin

Pam Reece claims Stan Nord’s W. College property is near housing, therefore the Town has a right to tell him what he can do with it.

Actually Pam, it’s across a FOUR lane interstate:

stan's property

The property around it isn’t developed.

Does the Town want at $1.75 billion corporation coming to town or not?  Maybe they should have asked for money like Rivian did!

Citizens need to express their feelings to the Council, most of them allow this abuse to continue:  https://normal.org/1135/Meet-the-Council

The controversy is only because Koos and company hate Stan’s fiscally responsible governing.



14 thoughts on “Picture: Stan’s property

  1. Diane, do you ever try to get responses back from Reece when you have this type of data? Would be interesting to see how she’d respond. Great photo that says a lot about Reece and the council.


  2. There are literally residences directly across the street to the south. I get it though, Stan is a mouthpiece for your agenda, and refuses to follow rules, so let’s spin it in his favor.


      1. Actually the grey block near the bottom edge of the picture straight down from the orange ‘Stan’ marker is a small group of houses or condos or something. If Stan were rendering hogs right at the mouth of his drive, I can see where that would be a nuisance. Assuming whatever the town is complaining about occurred near his building (white at the marker), the nearest house is about a quarter mile away, and the next closest are those grey ones at well over a quarter mile.


    1. An Interstate is typically considered a defining boundary by most reasonable city planners. Interstates cause a lot of noise and disturbance. What could Nord‘s property on the other side of the interstate hundreds of feet away possibly do to bother the residence more than the interstate already does?

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  3. Hey Jon, did you happen to ALSO notice a HUGE PARK, or what people elsewhere call a “green space” on the OTHER side. Maybe some people live in the park?

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  4. But these Progressive Marxist Democrats think nothing of ruining property values and peoples health by erecting wind turbines near peoples homes. They try to justify that demonstrable nuisance. And remember Fazzini’s “garbage to fuel” company? How close was that property to people’s homes? And the piles of old car seats in Bloomington, how close are those to people’s homes? The Progressives are always hypocrites and liars. Will Stan’s property have primarily office type employment?

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    1. Disclaimer(s): I don’t know any details beyond what Diane posted, and it’s been a while since I reviewed to Town Code referenced here, so there is a slight chance it’s changed or mis-remembered.

      Did you know gravel driveways (and parking lots) are illegal in Normal? (And I Think blacktop residential drives, but could be mistaken.) They’re not ‘the right fit’. There are a lot of older homes where they are grandfathered in. But if you own an older home with a gravel driveway and you upgrade your single-car detached garage to a 2-car, it’s illegal to widen your drive accordingly unless you replace it with a concrete drive.

      Sounds like Stan did something comparable. Given that it’s an isolated light-industrial property, especially with the gravel already on site, I’m surprised anybody even noticed. But once you know, Oh, The Horror!

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  5. The businesses in question are being punished because : they used Stan .Stan is now and has been deemed not the “right fit” so he will be punished as well as anyone who stands with him. The more they push the more people will flee .

    It truly amazes me that council hates Stan so much that they are willing to anger potential businesses Is this the kind of council members and mayor & city manager citizens want? . Its bad enough the majority of council and Normal mayor king koos are petty but a city manager as well? Pam needs to be put in her place and quick. Stan is a RESIDENT! STAN IS A TAXPAYER. He helps pay Pam’s salary/healthcare/pension.

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