Jesse White needs to resign

By:  Diane Benjamin

We know the Secretary of State’s office has screwed up Automatic Voter Registration.  Non-citizens have been registered, some voted.  Incarcerated individuals were mistakenly removed from the voter roles – after they served their time.  Two days ago we found out some people who applied for a Real-ID were taken off the voter roles because of yet another “glitch”.

Strike 3 Jesse.

The Secretary of State’s office has other problems.  This one is a little technical, but I will try to explain it.

This letter was sent to auto dealerships.  Note the letter is dated February 12, 2020.  The dealer who received this one told me the envelope was postmarked on March 9, 2020.  The changes go into effect April 1, 2020 even though the on-line training will not be available before then.  Sect of State letter

Since I am a programmer, I can tell you if training is required to use software it was badly written!

Dealers have been required to submit title and registration on-line for a number of years.  It saves a lot of time and prevents errors since staff at the Secretary of State’s office doesn’t have to re-type information.  The problem now is a “document number” is required to complete the registration.  That “document number” can not be obtained without the title.

Where is the title?  If you trade-in a vehicle that still has a lien, the bank has the title.  That means the dealer has to sit on your vehicle until the title arrives.  If you buy a used car from a dealer who doesn’t have the title because the person who traded it lost the title, again the dealer has to sit on that vehicle until the state issues a replacement.  Worse, the dealer can’t issue a temporary plate without the title.

I’m sure some dealers read this site and can clarify the details if I missed anything.  I help dealers print documents, but I don’t process the paperwork.

The bottom line is dealers have money tied up in vehicles they have to wait to sell.  Waiting for a title means it costs them money.  Vehicles might have to sit on the lot “not for sale” for a week or more because it can’t be registered or titled.

This is just the latest proof Illinois is anti-business and Jesse White’s office needs an overall. 

Start with Jesse White riding off into the sunset.








4 thoughts on “Jesse White needs to resign

  1. i went to the dmv today to simply renew my drivers license an it took an hour and a half!!! AND i left with a piece of paper not a new license!! they mail the new ones to you. lol the new setup they have is ridiculous.

    1. Part of that is legislated – They mail it to you to help ensure that the address listed is accurate, not an empty lot or whatever. Still bothersome and one can certainly argue whether that’s needed or effective, but that’s the reasoning behind it anyway…

      1. I thought maybe it had to do with $ or security. 1. A few centrally located machines for producing REAL-ID’s is cheaper that having one per DMV. 2. If an enterprising young thief was to steel a machine for making REAL-ID’s the fake ID’s it could produce could be a major security risk.

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