Ironic, isn’t it?

By:  Diane Benjamin

One of the demands of Black Lives Matter is to end cash bail.  They want the jails cleared out of murder suspects, armed robbery suspects, rapists – etc.  They don’t think it’s fair for minorities to sit in jail because they can’t afford bail when they haven’t been convicted of anything.

That doesn’t apply to the guy accused of driving his motorcycle through their protest – this BLM supporter says he shouldn’t be allowed bail:

h/t a reader

More irony:

This person has lots of Facebook posts supporting Black Lives Matter.  She even decries the looting:

steph 1steph 2steph 3

Stephanie used a different Facebook page until around March of 2019 – Note the name in ( ).

stephanie lancaster

Check the names below – arrested for looting at Kohl’s.  She had her son with her:



How many other “peaceful protesters” were just waiting for it to get dark?

steph 4

This was posted on Stephanie’s Facebook page.  The guy who shared it was wrong.

Note:  I’ve had the Stephanie story since her arrest.  Even after a relative of hers  confirmed Lancaster and Christianer are the same person, I hesitated to post it.  It wasn’t until a reader sent her old Facebook page confirming the names that I chose to post it.



11 thoughts on “Ironic, isn’t it?

  1. I once made the comment on social media “I’d rather be dead than red’ and Sonny Garcia said, and I quote, “sounds like a threat.” When I asked him who I threatened besides myself, he said, again quoting, “I’m sure the authorities will take that excuse for what it’s worth. Along with all the other hate speech on your feed.”

    Let’s recap. The fool who hates the cops threatened to use the authorities on me for saying I would rather be dead than a communist. Talk about pathetic.If anyone sees dear old Sonny, will you let him know that I’m still waiting for the “authorities” to come arrest me for not wanting to be a communist. Thanks.

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    1. Garcia is a mouthy loser drunk that obviously thinks he is the Cesar Chavez of this area. If not for dumb and stupid ISU hiring him so they can check another affirmative action box he would probably be in jail for selling dope and stealing the purses of old ladies.


  2. It’s not ironic it is a planned, well-organized assault on BN brought to you by Illinois People’s Action, Black Lives Matter and other yet to be identified culprits. The usual local radicals are leading the way with full support from old radicals like Mike Matekja and others. If you watch the videos of the marches many are the same people. Most of the foot soldiers are in their twenties and teens just like the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and hoping for the same results. Their radicalism is limited to good weather conditions and mob mentality. Most don’t have the guts to confront anyone one on one.

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  3. My business is safe in a different community that is pro-business, has a disproportionately higher rate of gun ownership, sane leadership, and oh by the way a larger population. Protests were peaceful, light, and genuinely uplifting/inspiring. No looting. Again, for its size, BN had much more looting than comparable communities. So glad I left. The agitators have taken over and are enabled by the (at best) willful ignorance of the so-called leadership of both communities.

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