More emails: Kathleen Lorenz

By:  Diane Benjamin

Watch a Normal Council meeting.  Kathleen Lorenz will attempt at least one to convey that Stan Nord has no idea what he’s doing.  In emails she is even worse.  Below are a few choice picks – from FOIA:

kathleen to Stan 1

Response from Kathleen:

kathleen to stan 2

This issue isn’t dead, I’m just waiting for more information.  

How about condescending?  Stan owns his own business but Kathleen doesn’t think he knows the difference, I don’t know who she was talking to:

kathleen capital vrs operating

A citizen was concerned about fee increases, see Kathleen’s response below.  Obviously she will never cut government anywhere:

This email was submitted on-line:

nord return money

If Kathleen responded thus prompting this email, I haven’t found it:

kathleen stan tax increases 1

Kathleen response:

kathleen stan tax increases

How about one from a guy who doesn’t like Stan?  The writer might be a local realtor.

kathleen frind

How about a totally different topic:

swimming pools

The Town can cut the Harmon Grant for one year, but they are just adding it to next year:


12 thoughts on “More emails: Kathleen Lorenz

  1. I worked on several government budgets in fact I created a system for tracking a 54 million dollar government budget because those in charge couldn’t figure out why they were losing millions of dollars each year, that system is still in use today. Kathleen seems a bit defensive. Makes one wonder what she is getting out of it and is there is some seriously illegal things happening? I can’t wait to see her mug shot.

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    1. They come up with all kinds of skills and titles to bestow on themselves, most have barely a passing acquaintance with the descriptors and positions assigned to them if even that. The outright lies (and accomplishments) on some of their CVs/resumes are sadly hilarious and no one ever seems to actually check them, well, as long as they are otherwise the “right fit”, yes sort of like “right fit” businesses – I’m glad you get these for us to examine, I know it upsets them.

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  2. Kathleen and her cronies have tried endlessly to wear Mr. Nord down to no avail. Her level of disrespect saddens me. There is no need to treat anyone like she does in such an arrogant manor.

    Diane, I appreciate you exposing who she really is behind the facade she puts on in public. She describes herself as a relationship builder, really?

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  3. Many of the people featured in Diane’s reports have an insatiable desire to be part of a group. In BN, in order to be part of the desired group one needs to be liked by the group in order to be considered for membership. This requires no dissenting opinions and total agreement on the issues of the day. To be an independent thinker (like Stan Nord) requires a moral compass and a willingness to question the community groupthink. There is nothing more unacceptable to the BN Clique than to question their wisdom. The egos of this circle are easily bruised and once crossed mean you are an enemy for life. Constructive critiques or professional disagreements are even taboo. It is a group with high opinions of themselves and their abilities. They are the judge and jury of your educational and professional bonafides and do not take kindly to outsiders who do not genuflect to them when they enter the room. They are also among some of the most immature adults you will ever meet.


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