Normal Monday night 7-6-2020

By:  Diane Benjamin

I wonder if Koos and Reece will admit the Executive Orders issued are now dead?

Normal for Monday night:

Is this in addition to what taxpayers already pay?

CT additional money


lobby rent

cardinal fed

tiger grant June 2020

It appears the discussion of paying property taxes by the Town of Normal on property that should be exempt must continue:

pam property taxes

I don’t know if this is the old abandoned fire station or a new one, but it doesn’t matter.  The property is exempt regardless.  If the Town owns it and it isn’t being rented to another party it’s exempt.

I have one email from last year where Pam is explaining to Stan that NOT paying property taxes the Town doesn’t owe won’t save taxpayers any money.

pam property taxes 4

So, everybody’s property taxes are lower because a set dollar amount needs to be collected.  By the Town using YOUR money to pay taxes they don’t owe that amount doesn’t have to be paid by you.  

Makes perfect sense 🙁

See PDF page 53.  The staff is requesting $134,562 be paid over 3 years for the Small Business Development Center at IWU.  Who is on the Advisory Board is the Who’s Who of taking taxpayer dollars:

PDF page 55:  I made notes on the obvious ones:

advidsory Board


PDF page 69 has their 2019 income statement.  Guess where most of “their” money goes?

Almost a year behind the State passing new guidelines for sexual harassment, the staff is finally updating the Town’s policy:

sex harrassment


4 thoughts on “Normal Monday night 7-6-2020

  1. NO SENSE reading ALL this BS from koos and pam! It’s just more of the same. SPEND like a drunken Frat Boy!
    Can’t wait until ISU calls off classes due to covid. Those poor bastards will be sunk deeper then the Titanic!
    I’ve ALWAY’S wanted to see uptown get sucked into their tunnel! And it isn’t even built yet!! WONDERFUL!!

    1. When you have bet 100 million dollars that EVERYTHING is going to stay EXACTLY the same with higher education and ISU, you are asking to lose your ###. Even if the students do come back in the fall, higher education is still being disrupted and will NEVER be the same.

      The Chinese Communist Party Virus lock down BS has jump started what was already underway. It is literally all down hill from here on out. College towns across the nation will have to deal with a declining higher education system. Except our rocket scientist leadership has bet the farm on marketing downtown Normal for ISU.

      Fuhrer Koos and Reich Minister Reece and former Reich Minister Peterson have saddled a once debt free muncipality with a 100 million dollars (soon to be worthless) boondoggle that will hang around the necks of the taxpayers for decades to come.

      This is what happens when people don’t bother to vote.

      This is what happens when democratic socialist elites run cities.

  2. Another one-dimensional committee whose members have no real convictions of their own and are loyal to the clique pulling the strings behind the scenes. The “solutions” will be more taxpayer subsidies/grants/rebates/handouts to friends and political allies of both mayor’s offices. Expect more knickknack shops, restaurants/bars, cupcake shops, and other non-scalable, unimaginative businesses that will compete for a declining share of the disposal income pie in BN.

  3. And Pam once again either doesn’t understand her job or is lying.
    If the tax bill was purely ‘from Normal, to Normal’, she would be completely correct, but that is not the case.
    Some of that property tax goes for Unit 5. So Normal residents have been subsidizing the tax bills of Carlock, Towanda, and others in Unit 5 and outside of Normal. (And IIRC, Unit 5 is the Biggest Portion of any Normal property tax bill!)
    Some goes for Heartland College. So Normal residents have been subsidizing others’ tax bills not only outside of Normal, but outside of McLean County!
    There are probably others, but those are the only two I can cite off the top of my head, since I’m not a ‘skilled government professional’ like Pam.

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