Darren Bailey won! Pritzker cooked

The Clay County judge ruled today that any orders issued by Pritzker past the 30 days given to him by law are invalid!

There are now no limitations on ANYONE in the State of Illinois.  You are open, open, open.  This applies to schools too – Illinois can not require masks.

This also voids any edicts by local government.  Koos and Renner executive orders are now immaterial.

Don’t act irresponsibly though, Covid still exists!

Freedom Illinois!



13 thoughts on “Darren Bailey won! Pritzker cooked

  1. Well hopefully everyone were the masks…Or we will be like Texas, Florida….4000+ per day and ICU’s 90% full…think about..!

  2. Koos and Pam will not give up their totalitarian power easily. Watch how long it takes them to cede their power.

  3. I just love it when people like koos, tari, or ole jb get spanked.. Hopefully jenns turn is coming..

    1. That is independent of the virus scare, sort of. Most municipalities cancelled their fireworks in solidarity with Pritzger’s Destroy Illinois plan. Private fireworks (outside of certain organizations) have been illegal for some time now because Illinois residents are not as responsible as those in any of the surrounding states. And there is some logic to that, given that they elected somebody like Pritzger.

  4. Watched the whole event. CNN reporter got cooked as well. What was great was CNN’s freelance cameraman threw the CNN reporter under the bus at the end. Notice who the cameraman talks to nicely just before the feed is terminated.

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