Where do campaign contributions go?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’m not going to check the Facebook or websites of every Democrat running for election, but I checked a few.

If you contribute to any of the below why is ActBlue getting the money?  That’s the same organization contributions to Black Lives Matter go to.  We do know those contributions don’t end up with Black Lives Matter, so where do these campaign contributions go?

Anybody guess laundering money?  

Avoiding reporting contributions to the State?

If you see any of these, ask them!

Chemberly Cummings:

act blue chem

Obviously the local Democrat party:

act blue demos

Running for Coroner

act blue sorrels







17 thoughts on “Where do campaign contributions go?

  1. From WiKi: ActBlue reports to the Federal Election Commission all contributors to Federal campaigns, regardless of the amount.[9] When a candidate for a Federal election raises money through ActBlue, ActBlue serves as a conduit for election law purposes.[10][11] All conduit contributions are itemized and reported. By contrast, there is a $200 threshold for reporting individuals who contribute directly to a candidate committee. Many small donors, whose names would ordinarily be shielded, are thus exposed to the public


      1. If you raise more than $5000, in a campaign you have to report contributions to the feds. It sounds like ActBlue is simply a service that helps Democrats track their contributions for federal reporting purposes. Makes me wish there was an ActGold.

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  2. I bought a new washing machine with my credit card. I wrote a check to my bank to pay off the credit card, but apparently my bank’s biggest expenditure is employee salaries??? Why is all of the money I sent for my credit card bill going to the bank employees??? Is this Marxism???


      1. No, it’s evidence that you don’t understand how accounting works. ActBlue is a pass-through that handles the nuts and bolts of donations on behalf of candidates and organizations. People give money to ActBlue, who bundles the donations together and gives the recipient a check, minus a nominal processing fee, and a list of donors.

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  3. This sounds like money LAUNDERING on the HIGHEST level, but I just cannot believe that DEMOCRATS would do THAT!!
    BUT I also believe that ET is flying to Meadowlands with Elvis to give a FREE concert and deliver a COVID -democrat vaccine! SEE YA THERE! Along with “ole Joe”!


  4. Supposedly Actblue is simply a tech firm that offers donation processing software. If someone donates say $100 to charity #1, the software processes the transaction and the funds are “deposited” in #1’s bank account. Of course nothing stops them from redirecting the funds. There’s some kind of IRS technical point to how Actblue was organized where their books can’t be audited for I think 2 more years. Not 100% on that point though. But funds do appear to being redirected in some cases.

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