Illinois stupidity

By: Diane Benjamin

If you haven’t figured out by now Democrats running Illinois has been a disaster. There isn’t enough of your money to satisfy their insatiable spending lunacy. Changing the Illinois Constitution so they can tax more proves that fact.

Voting YES to tax the rich proves you are the problem. It is impossible to tax your way to prosperity.

The latest nonsense is what many of you probably received in the mail:

Don’t you love all the languages Jesse White used? Foreign interference in elections Jesse?

Your “local” election authorities did not tell Jesse White you didn’t request a mail-in ballot. Likely the State Board of Elections did since election authorities have to report to them who requested one.

This is a complete waste of money. Illinois doesn’t have any extra, but they sent these notices anyway. They want mail-in voting to create chaos. We will not know on election night who won. Court challenges will be filed against all the mail-in ballots that get thrown out for not being completed correctly or arriving late. The rules will be stretched and bent for whatever goal the counters desire.

See this story:

Be ready to keep your head when everyone around you is losing theirs.

Vote in person people!

Meanwhile, don’t blame Kathy Michael (McLean County Clerk) or Tim Mitchell (Bloomington Election Commission).






6 thoughts on “Illinois stupidity

  1. There should be be NO “Mail in Voting” except for legitimate absentee voting which should only be allowed if the person is truly disabled and completely unable to vote in person, or military, or out of district due to business – otherwise, vote in person on election day and also end this “early voting” insanity if it MUST continue then it should be for no more than 7 days prior to election day. The United States has I am almost positive, the most lax voting regulations in the entire world and this MUST stop. As to the LEFT and that means about 99% if the “Ds” and the RINOS, running Illinois I DO blame the IGNORANT voters who continue putting these people into positions of power where they in turn empower other behind the scenes cronies of theirs and in tandem they have destroyed this state. I’m not even sure that separating from Chicago will help at this point because there are little nests of “progressives” or whatever they are calling themselves now, dotted all over the place now, people who gleefully vote to increase their taxes and limit their freedoms while virtue signaling how noble and good they are for doing so.

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  2. We received 2 at our house. Waste of money, and invasion of privacy. Every time I open Face Book on my phone or desktop, I get a notice from the Nazis there about voting by mail.

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  3. My special needs son got an additional postcard stating he needed to register to vote. He has been eligble to vote for awhile, but we’ve never received mail demanding it before now. He is unable to make that decision, but I wonder how many guardians will do the voting for their special needs children now?

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    1. And not just parents, but ‘guardians’, who are more likely to be motivated by political agendas over the best interests of their charges.


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