Ryburn saga continues

By: Diane Benjamin

You can see the entire agreement between the Town of Normal and Ryburn Place here:

The document is dated May 12, 2016. In two places the document states the agreement is with Ryburn Place, here’s one of them:

Maybe the Town attorney couldn’t figure out who the agreement is with because in other places it refers to Theressa Ryburn. One is a corporation the other is an individual.

You can read all the sordid insider fleece details in the document. Driving by it’s difficult to tell the place is historic, the paint scheme does nothing to reflect it. Worse, the gift shop hasn’t been open while rent for Ryburn to live there is only $120 a year.

One more note – Ryburn Place hasn’t existed since 2018. Does anyone at the Town care Ryburn was Involuntarily dissolved more than 2 years after the agreement was signed?

If the facts in the Development Agreement aren’t disturbing enough to taxpayers, “Involuntary” should be a red flag. The taxpayers of Normal own the building and they are getting ZERO for their investment.

Remember this next April. Chris Koos thinks he deserves to be re-elected.

3 thoughts on “Ryburn saga continues

  1. $10 per month – WOW! Maybe tie her rent to her sales revenue. Ok she would need to make some sales first. Zero accountability, business as usual for Koos. How is this agreement legal? More importantly, how do we terminate this contract now?

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  2. This contract was made policy by the council at the time. Ryburn is not honoring her side of the agreement. The town manager was made aware of the breech of contract. She has, without council approval decided not to enforce this legal contract. Laws and contracts do not need to be followed if you are friends of the mayor and town manager.

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  3. THis place WILL be historic Rt 66 before it’s done, as a MAJOR ripoff to taxpayers AND a pie in the face of Koos!
    What the heck kind of deal is this anyway?? Really,, Woman lives in the place, never opens and is unquestioned???
    Mr Koos you SHOULD be held 100% responsible for the money, time and stupidity you have invested in this DONNYBROOK!

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