Secretly up for Sale?

By: Diane Benjamin

The only way for anyone to know Normal is attempting to sell 4 units at 305 S. Linden is if they saw it on the Town website. (or here)

It is located on a busy street yet there is NO For Sale sign on the property. The property isn’t listed with a realtor. It’s almost like a backroom deal already exists and the Town is trying to say they advertised it while doing the absolute minimum required by law. Monday night we heard “staff is always looking out for taxpayers” during the Council meeting.

How is a secret sale doing what’s best for taxpayers?

The 4 units appraised for $650,000 (FOIA). Let’s see how close Normal gets to that number – if they have any bidders. Laws apply, let’s see if they are followed.

This is the second property in recent months where Normal has usurped local realtors. The Ft. Jesse property sale to the wife of an employee was the first.

Paying attention Realtors Association?

Re-elect Koos?

Meanwhile, the owners of the defunct Chateau are using realtors, I hope they know Bloomington owns the Conference Center. Funny how that is never discussed!

They actually want people to know it’s for sale, Normal obviously doesn’t want potential buyers to know their property is.

8 thoughts on “Secretly up for Sale?

  1. The sale is designed to benefit one “friend”. The council was given this heads up during one of our 2 on 1 meetings which are not subject to OMA and which no official vote can be made during. I was against this one sided, government picking the winner, deal from the start.

    This property was purchased as a part of the Uptown redevelopment plan. Selling it goes against the policy which justified its purchase. No council decision has been made to change the policy, yet this property sale moves forward. Just another example that elected representatives do not lead the direction of Normal. We are expected to rubber stamp what the town manager and mayor put before us. This sale ripe to be as corrupt the Ft. Jesse property sale.

    See pdf page 84 for the original justification for this property purchase.

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    1. At what point Stan do you, (with help from we citizens) need to get legal assistance to stop this crap?

      Diane, can Edgar County Watchdogs help us watch all the mess like this that goes on around here involving Normal?

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  2. Who would ever want to own the chataeu? That bulding is an eyesore, in a terrible location, that would look better raised. Would someone please get rid of that disaster already.


  3. County tax records show the owner of the conference center as SDO fund II D37 LLC the same as the hotel. It’s just in Bloomington. I am not able to find anything that says bloomington owns it


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