Rivian: Not the nice guys

By: Diane Benjamin

A total of 28 companies are now together to force Washington DC to mandate ONLY electric vehicles sales by 2030. Rivian is one of them: https://carbuzz.com/news/tesla-joins-forces-with-rivian-and-lucid?fbclid=IwAR1YXsy5C8YHQnRkDVCHzySENQ_LlyCPIfarQdNj-lFG7vPd2F52hXTv6_E

Rivian wants to force you to buy a ridiculously priced vehicle because they produce it. How about we all grow radishes and get a law passed that requires everybody buy 5 pounds a week? Of course the price will be $20 a pound.

Rivian has other plans for China and Europe – smaller electric vehicles. They must think Americans want a $67,000 + vehicle but China and Europe don’t. https://www.globalfleet.com/en/manufacturers/europe/features/rivian-plans-smaller-electric-vehicles-china-and-europe?a=BUY03&t%5B0%5D=Rivian&t%5B1%5D=Amazon&curl=1

Where will the electricity come from for 100’s of millions of electric vehicles? Remember the recent California brownouts cause by an extreme hear wave?

Think these things will provide enough electricity?

Will we be forced to install solar panels next?

To prove electric vehicles have nothing to do with the Zero emission:


Electric vehicle have nothing to do with Climate Change. It is about destroying the lives of millions who work in the fossil fuel industry and making all of us poorer. There isn’t enough electricity, there is plenty of oil. America is finally energy independent which makes us a threat to those who want control over every aspect of out lives. The left wants to bring us down to the standards of the rest of the world. Global socialism isn’t possible unless we aren’t free. Research “The Great Reset” if you think I’m kidding.

Don’t forget Normal ordered TWO Rivians, no word on who gets to drive them. Maybe the next mayor can cancel the order:


Supporting a local business is good, but not one trying to tell us we have to buy what they produce whether we want to or not.

34 thoughts on “Rivian: Not the nice guys

  1. I’m guessing when Tiritilli wins, Reece, McCarthy, Lorenz, Cummings, and their new BFF Karen Smith will say you can’t take back that prior spending.

    Preston will twist whatever way the wind is blowing and continue to pray people forget about his luxurious spending on the taxpayers’ dime. Preston publicized pre-ordering one, noting he wasn’t sure if he would take delivery depending on pricing. Perhaps he can buy one off the town at price.

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    1. I see…and oil conglomerates don’t manipulate the supply and price of crude.

      Though the price of EV’s are indeed “Overpriced”…the one factor that must be thought through is the even price of electrical supply and the economic threats that the disruption of crude supplies creates.

      The beginning of a journey starts with the first step…old adage eh? How true this is about the continuation of society and the known fact of climate disruption and the eventual depletion of cheap oil. THAT fact must be factored into the EV equation.

      When??!! When will we stop thinking in near terms and look out to the long term reality that there is only so far we can stretch the supply side of old style energy?

      We’ve all been waiting for fusion power..will that ever become a reality? ? Well we know there has been great strides to become energy lush through fusion. It will become a reality. Just as EV’s have become a reality. And to side back and continue on the same path as usual..will only stand to create and strengthen more massive problems.

      Logistics want smooth energy prices. Predictable year after year logistic costs. Logistic suppliers/shippers do not want to spend ultra millions buying fuel to lock in a price a year in advance. But they have to.

      And then there is the resurgence..finally!!..of hydrogen! Yes? Yes!


      1. Hi that’s not a good argument,oil companies big and small run on low margins and need volume also.Goverments make more off oil than the oil companies I’m in NZ at the moment we pay approximately $2.75 dollars a litre for 91 octane!!!! Tax on that is a about $ 1.30 a litre that’s all the Levy’s and GST that’s added on top of the cost of production and refinery etc..The oil industry is efficient and oil is used in everything we need to survive.The electric car industry is a con and run by mostly Left leaning billionaire types that worship the likes of Obama and now they want forced mandates to buy the useless cars. Everything comes with a price and these EVs are what they promote in NZ also . meanwhile they narrow our roads slow the speed limit everywhere and create a sense of congestion and beat the drums of global warming it’s vomit inducing lies.

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    2. TJ, I’m hopeful that Marc Tiritilli will indeed be our next mayor, but not taking anything for granted. Koos is a powerful machine that needs to be defeated along with Kevin McCarthy, Chemberly Cummings and Scott Preston, all who will be up for reelection. It’s important they’re removed from Council along with Koos. As for Lorenz and Karyn, I’m afraid we’re stuck with them for another two years. With Tiritilli as mayor, I suspect Pam Reece will be seeking early retirement. Since the last city manager retired at 58 and collects over $100,000 a year in pension and has become a government consultant, I see a similar gig in Pam’s future.

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  2. Rich people and companies could care less about lives and environments in the 3rd world countries they ruin to make electric cars. The mining consequences alone are brutal and no where near regulated like in the USA. Turning a blind eye for profit. People forced to work, yes forced, because ummm communism. Sure some foreign businesses seem legit and are the front for PR but the boots on the ground have miserable lives. Just like fake news touting the “fair tax” in IL as “fair” the ad campaigns make you feel comfortable dropping 75k on a plastic (hello whats it take to make plastic) car. Hey electric cars are no joke performance wise (short term). Very quick. But dont sell it as something its not. Its not environmentally friendly, its has so infrastructure, and you have to recharge for hours while on long trips. and wake up people YOU as a taxpayer are going to pick up the tab. Like obummers solyndra deal that LOST, as in it vanished, over $500 million taxpayer dollars. Once you get big companies in the pockets of politicians its all over.

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  3. Koos has created a culture where it is acceptable for Normal’s gvt. to purchase whatever they want and the best money can buy. We need to elect council members and a mayor who will look out for the pocketbooks of the residents and have the spine to curtail spending habits to buy only what is needed and only the best we can afford.


    Stan Nord

    Taxpayer representative who has a minority perspective of fiscal responsibility on the current council.

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  4. Well put Stan! As a person who MAJORED in Geology and studied EARTH’S resources, one of the most limited yet DEMANDED minerals is LITHIUM! Probably why China has taken control in Afghanistan where they mine a lot of it.
    2nd is Beryllium, which the US HAD an itching for about 20 years back for FUSION reactors, as it would contain the reaction, but after MANY studies and the advice of scientists, they figured out the SUPPLY wasn’t there! Just like LITHIUM and electric cars.
    AND even IF we went electric, they STILL cannot do the work of a 14.9 liter Cummings diesel engine plowing a farm field, so I say we let the SJW,S buy electric, and when they want grain, corn will be $10 a bushel. Hell, it’s ALL ORGANIC, because when you get DOWN TO IT, You either MINE it or GROW it!
    As for Rivian. Looking across the road EVERY day while working in the garden. They have a LOT going on, but NO CARS on the lot. I sure as hell don’t want ANY RIVIAN stock, unless Meijer runs out of TP.

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  5. In a story today in “Electrik” Rivian is claiming they have “sold out” their “reservations” for the “Launch Edition” of their RT1 truck. Of course in their “tweet” they make no mention of the numbers in the “sellout” announcement and when they will be delivered. The story also mentions the “launch vehicle” will only be available from June 2021 to January of 2022. I always get the “secrecy” of the automotive business because they have a long history of protecting their development secrets besides being highly paranoid of competition. That said, if this is such a great announcement for the company, why wouldn’t you want to share it with the locals to further promote your brand? Also, why isn’t the Pantagraph or local media all over this great announcement? I’ll quit being suspicious of this operation when they start to come clean about their history, who is really behind them and why they really picked Normal and how long they really plan to stay. These guys have never smelled right since the day they showed up here nosing around and bought a plant for pennies on the dollar.

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  6. What a bullshit hit piece written by an obviously anti progress, (nice image trying to slam wind energy) pro oil asswipe. It’s time to change. This doesn’t mean people with existing cars will be forced to buy electric. It’s for new buyers that buy new cars aka rich enough to buy electric for the sake of a sustainable planet. You’re super transparent Diane, I can see right through you… boo.


    1. Everybody else can ride the electric buses? You miss we need to be free to pick what we want, I bet you love Obamacare too. Nice job proving liberty is so yesterday. Government needs to control us because of climate change? Guess you don’t know global cooling and global warming didn’t work out so the name was changed. It is transparent! Throw away your freedom, I will fight for mine.

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    2. Why so hostile? You sound as anti-oil as you are claiming others are anti-electric. For all you anti-combustion engineers, why is the first thing you say to people that don’t buy in to the electric car scam is they are anti-progress and that they want to take you back to the horse and buggy? No one has ever said that. You and the rest of the political progressives know it is mostly political and to further your notion of man-made global warming and anti- capitalism. For peace loving people you sure are an angry lot.

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  7. Diane I don’t know all the facts but one thing I do know is the oil industry is getting subsidized. Your article is a cry for help for one side. I feel you should have gone into more depth in your reporting to explain the differences between fossil fuels and electric vehicle, and while explaining tell us how much each is costing us like for example if we don’t spend money on electric infrastructure we will have brownouts. But after the infrastructure is built how long it will last vs how long an oil well produces and for what price to keep the pumps pulling oil from the ground and how much pollution is causes cancer , vs the costs of electricity and the strip mining involved in the use of battery technology and weather the people working or living near oil and gas or even a mine benefit from the industry or wish it went away.

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  8. Please be sure to proofread your news stories. As the “editor” there are many mistakes that make this difficult to read.


  9. “There isn’t enough electricity, there is plenty of oil.”

    There is a finite amount of sources for oil but there is an infinite (at least on a human scale) source of electricity… the sun.


  10. Yes, as of now EVs and especially Rivians are too expensive for many and definitely too expensive for people to be forced to buy them. But Rivian’s high price was intentional — when you pay 70,000 dollars you don’t get a car that would be 20,000 dollars if it was gas powered. You get a very luxurious car that also is very capable off road. Don’t compare it to a Civic, compare it to a Defender or a Limited F-150. If you want an electric car that’s as cheap as possible get a 35,000 dollar Tesla, or a 40,000 dollar Nissan Ariya. And yes, 35-40,000 dollars is still too expensive for many but 10 years ago the cheapest electric car was over 100,000 dollars and had less than 80 miles of range. If we’ve thirded the price and quadrupled the range in 10 years, then in another 10 we’ll definitely have a 20-25,000 dollar car with good range. 10 years is a long time and I am quite certain that we will have a 20,000 dollar car with good range that people will be happy buying (if they want to go cheaper than that, they can get a used EV).

    As for how to make that electricity, that too will become much easier — we’re adding solar panels and wind mills (and no, wind mills don’t kill birds) and states such as California, Arizona, and New Mexico have a surplus of solar energy. In 10 years we could have a system where the states that have surplus can automatically sell energy to other states. The EU is already doing this with their countries; we just have to replicate it with our states (and adapt it to our climate). And yes, EVs do have to be forced on us because humans have no foresight — we don’t see the literal doom that will envelop our world if we don’t act fast. So being forced is not a sign that EVS are bad, it’s a sign that people don’t like change, period. Not if it’s good change that will inarguably improve our lives. We just don’t like leaving our warm and cozy comfort zone. We have to be forced to by people who know that by the time the effects of climate change force us to change, it will be far too late. This is similar to how during the Great Depression we had to be forced to embrace the New Deal and many opposed it but it ended up being possibly the only thing that could lift us out of the depression. Once again we have to be forced to embrace something that may at first seem like the wrong thing, but looking back it will be seen as the only way we could save our wounded planet.

    This is not a choice Rivian is making — they don’t want to be facing these issues. We live in a capitalist society and any time we have a problem, someone will profit off of of the solution to it. That’s a consequence of capitalism, not of Rivian’s greed. And we have a need. We completely and absolutely need to switch to EVs by 2030. Yes, EVs aren’t the only contributor to climate change, but by making solar and wind and water plants for the EVs, we will solve many other contributors to it, like house electricity. Yes, I wish we had the luxury of waiting until EV’s were 15,000 dollars and had 600 miles of range before we bought them, but we don’t. We have to act fast whether or not we would like an addition 50 miles of range. Rivian is marketing a solution to a problem that desperately needs solving. They are not making up a problem and then making a product that solves it. By supporting this mandate they are saying we need to take action. They’re saying you need to buy EVs. They’re saying that this is an issue that needs solving now, not tomorrow, not next week, and preferably yesterday. And yes, that means the government forcing our hand, not because they’re being socialist, but because were not doing it ourselves. If we were, we wouldn’t need the government to make us. Please try not to act with the interests of you this minute, but with the interests of you tomorrow. Rivian is not greedy, they are doing what we all should be doing — acknowledging that there’s a problem and that it needs fixing, and then taking steps to fix it and helping others fix it as well.


      1. Thousands of real scientists have signed a statement saying it. Google it. Your first clue should be it was dreamed up by a socialist. Remember global cooling in the 70’s, then global warming in the 80’s and 90’s? When warming stopped it got changed to generic climate change.

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  11. What would be the socialist’s motivation to dream up climate change? What does he have to gain from making up some random hoax about the world getting hotter?


      1. Wealth is transferred in countless ways in a capitalist system, and I agree that many are corrupt. So I rely on the science, which–although I greatly wish you were right to see it as a hoax–appears compelling. Coming from your perspective what is the explanation for the increase in temperature (that we can measure) and the increase in water levels, California fires, natural disasters, etc.? What do you believe is the cause for all of these incidents?


  12. But you kind of dodged my question. We can measure the temperature of the ocean and it has increased over the past century. Sea levels are rising and Obama can buy whatever house he wants — for one sea levels aren’t rising perfectly uniformly, some areas face greater change than others and also he might not care if in 50 years his house is underwater. He probably bought a house that he knew would lose all it’s value in a few decades but he might’ve not really cared, he wanted a house now not in half a century. And he does believe in climate change and has introduced acts to try and deal with it so you can’t say that he thinks it’s a hoax and doesn’t think water levels are rising and that that’s why he bought a waterfront house. Also, there have been indisputably more fires in California this year and hurricanes/tornadoes have been on the rise as well — this is not subjective, we can measure temperature in degrees, water rising in feet, and we know the exact number of natural disasters. All of those have been on the rise so I’ll ask again: what do you believe is the cause for that?


  13. Hurricanes and tornadoes have been on the rise as well though. Don’t you think that if every measure of climate health (sea levels, temperature, fires, natural disasters, etc.) has been going down the most likely conclusion is that our climate is unhealthy? Instead of it being a massive coincidence that all of those measures are due to independent mismanagement? What are the odds that instead of our planet being unhealthy, the real cause is that almost every major country has mishandled their land so that they’re facing fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, rising seas, melting glaciers, and so much more? To me it seems almost statistically impossible that every country facing climate change (which is almost every one) is only facing it because every single one of them mismanaged themselves. It seems mandated by statistics that if almost every country is facing climate change, it’s because of global climate change, and not just that every country didn’t handle themselves well.


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