Merry Christmas Rivian!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember this?

I filed a FOIA request to find out what it is.

This is not one, but


Rivian vehicles purchased with  money stolen from the taxpayers of Normal.

Supporting local businesses can’t be the goal since Normal spent more than $25,000 for gift cards at the anything-but-locally owned Target Store.

Does Normal really need TWO vehicles that will be more than $60,000 each?

The documentation doesn’t have the final price or what model they are purchasing.  It does say the order number is #1130.  Depending on the models ordered, they should be available in 2020 or 2021.  The receipt says Chris Koos placed the order.  The order can be cancelled for a full refund.  (by the next mayor?)

Shouldn’t Rivian be giving the Town one as a thank you for grounds maintenance, snow removal, and security at taxpayer expense?

See the FOIA request here:   Diane Benjamin – Public Records – Receipts

Also included is the receipt for the $330.95 Chris Koos charged for lunch.  It’s labeled Vladimir Group, Google has nothing about them.  The name of the restaurant is not on the receipt.  It looks like taxpayers fed 11 people.  Since the payment documentation had a description of :  lunch w/ Vladimir Delegati (the rest cut off)  Koos must have treated the Russians!

Maybe he treated the group who were visiting here a few weeks ago.

Who charges $15 for a Jesses burger?  I bet a reader will know.

15 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Rivian!

  1. Wow! Koos doesn’t care about taxpayers and is feeding his ideology and agenda with these purchases. I hope the next mayor returns the deposit (which Rivian says is permissible for a full refund.) The grounds maintenance, snow removal, and security at taxpayer expense are enough of a giveaway. The Town of Normal doesn’t need overpriced trucks. Wonder how many positions they’ll have to let go when the bill comes due for these showpieces.

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      1. top of page 4, preorder x1 truck, preorder x1 SUV each $1,000. I guess a question would be whether the mayor can spend $65,000 and $69,000 without council vote? Because essentially that’s what he has done. By putting down a deposit. Does the town not have procurement standards?

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  2. WOW! just WOW! Koos just DOES NOT LEARN! Remember him getting ALL those EV cars from Mitsubishi (because THEY were here) and having “plug-in stations” installed ALL OVER UPTOWN. What happened to THOSE?? Now we HAVE to have Rivians.
    BUY A TESLA KOOS!! THEY MAKE CARS! Not idiots out of small minded city mayors..


  3. Ya just can’t make this stuff up! Koos and Tari make Detroit look well managed…..and Caracas look politically moderate. Bloomington and Normal voters (and indirectly, non voters) elected these clowns. Enjoy!!

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  4. This is where in the process of defending your past bad judgement (thinking Rivian is a real car company and then bringing them to your town) requires you to make more bad judgements (down-payments on trucks that will never be built). The plant has not been retooled… they have not begun the process of retooling the plant….they would need to start the retooling on the plant NOW if they hope to mass produce trucks in 18 months. The Mayor of Normal has so much invested in this pipe dream that he has given 2 thousand dollars of taxpayer money to this want-to-be vehicle maker for two pickup trucks. Are you kidding me? This is in addition to the taxpayer money that is spent every month to mow Rivian’s lawn and plow their snow. Yes, really bad judgement sometimes looks a bit insane. Thinking that Rivian is going to actually make trucks in the old Mitsubishi plant before they have even begun to retool it is insane.


  5. Rivian posts quite often on Instagram. They have several high profile brand ambassadors. It’s doubtful they are paying for their trucks. Reading through the comments since the auto show communication doesn’t seem to be their strong suite. Lots of comments about not answering emails and direct messages.


  6. At least Mayor Koos is having a lot of fun being a big shot and spending taxpayer money on his imaginary car company before he retires. I wonder when the imaginary suppliers are going to start moving into town to supply the Rivian Assembly Plant with parts? Since this is a JIT (Just In Time) assembly plant with Zero warehousing the suppliers will need to be pretty close by to supply the assembly line with parts on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. I know these are all inconvenient details when you are celebrating buying an imaginary truck and SUV. Every dime that has been spent on Rivian has been a complete waste of taxpayer money. Congratulations Mayor Koos… Your legacy will be known as the fool who bought the Rivian car manufacturer hook, line, and sinker while wasting untold thousands of hard earned taxpayer money on NOTHING. But then this is pretty insignificant compared to the 100 million dollar Upscale Normal boondoggle he foisted upon the taxpayers which will haunt them for decades to come. Who needs the Russians mucking up things when you have Mayor Koos driving the clown car here?


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