More on Normal for Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Open Meetings Act REQUIRES approval of minutes within 30 days.  It’s a law, but who follows the law anymore?  On the agenda for Monday is:

Somebody can’t count or were they planing to bury what happened?  Yes I filed with the AG and they likely got a letter.

The extremely vague minutes are included.  The only nugget is building a new library has been delayed 8-10 years.

Lyle Sumek was back as a facilitator.  It looks like he fled Illinois for Florida:

Bills paid:

Why does Normal pay EDC membership dues when they already pay them $8,333.33 every month?

Was lunch with Vladimir in Russia?

NLC is the National League of Cities held in Los Angeles. There is a lot of information on-line including a ton of tweets with their hashtag.

Here’s an example:

If everybody just makes $15 per hour they will be able to pursue their goals!

Maybe Vladimir was a speaker!

There wasn’t single tweet pertaining to anything other than government needs more control. It has to be data-driven. Better investment decisions are needed. STEM education needs more money.

(Google how the US stacks up to the rest of the world after government has talked about STEM for at least a decade – we are way behind the rest of the world)

More tweets:

I wonder if Koos attended this session?

They weren’t done traveling:

More payments:

With Normal paying almost $31,000 a month to rent the second floor of 1 Uptown Circle, maybe the 1st floor doesn’t need to be rented?

One More:

12 votes – don’t forget.

8 thoughts on “More on Normal for Monday

  1. And, right on cue – “Vehicle Deposit”. I wonder if I can get them to give me a couple of thousand if I just say that I will provide them something in about 2 years, well, maybe….at least that is the plan.


  2. Oh and Dear GOD, we pay for the plowing and salting for good old Flim Flam Man Scaringe TOO??? That guy is truly a piece of work. Work being the word chosen in order to remain civil.


  3. C’mon Ronin! He’s dealing with KOOS!! HOW hard can it be to scam him?? You’d have a harder time fooling a 5 year old..
    Does UPTON KOOS pay for the security also?? They have “rent-a-cops driving around doing nothing 24/7..


    1. True Koos IS about as savvy and street wise as a 5 year old from a gated community that has never been outside without mommy and or daddy or his babysitter/nanny and OF COURSE WE pay for the rent a cops “RJ” pays for NOTHING since he produces NOTHING.


  4. Such hostility for RJ. He’ll get around to manufacturing…one of these years. Haha! I thought economic development guru, Mike O’Grady said we’re all believers now. The good news is the deposit is refundable. I hope Marc, er…whoever runs for mayor, pledges to return the money to the taxpayers of Normal.


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