Not a good idea to text at meetings

By: Diane Benjamin

The Executive Committee of the McLean County Board met on January 11th. I received a tip about the meeting.

First the members:

The tip involved text messages sent by Democrat Laurie Wollrab to (fake) Republican Josh Barnett during the meeting.

Barnett is part of the “Responsible Cities Pac” with the leftist elites:

Barnett is also responsible for Jeff Crabill getting elected. He had announced he was running and then backed out too late to find a replacement.

The Text:

Laurie Wollrab:

Who are you afraid of and why? We deserve to know if it’s Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Socialists, or Trump supporters.

Second question, why ask Josh Barnett to do your dirty work? You can’t talk to the Sheriff or State’s Attorney yourself?

It’s been 8 days, any violence we haven’t heard about Laurie? Any destruction – like the looting last summer?

4 thoughts on “Not a good idea to text at meetings

  1. Typical democrat/RINO. As long as it suited their nefarious purposes, “defund the police” and “ignore the burning and looting” were their battle cries to enlist and enable the violent anarchist communists to work for them. And now that the democrat/RINOs have purportedly “won,” and have thrown these violent anarchist communists under the bus, they now expect law enforcement to be their own personal security protection. QUESTION FOR Democrat Laurie Wollrab: Can we ALL seek protection inside government buildings or at your house…or is that just for YOU and your entitled friends?

  2. Being in the employ of the City of Bloomington, most would see it as a conflict of interest by not Wollrab and people like her. Her family’s long standing membership in the Elitist Clique means I can do anything or say anything I want without consequence. Freddy can stick his hand out and get government money for his phoney development company where he buys buildings for pennies on the dollar, spends what little he can on fixing them up and charge rent like you are in Beverly Hills. When daddy is a well known attorney we get anything we want including protection and jobs at government expense. Same old tired act that has been going on here for over fifty years.

  3. protect downtown?? From what? SHOPPERS?
    Maybe get a Thunderbird fly over at Eastland just as a show of force also Laurie..
    Now that Biden is in office I THINK that being addle-(used as verb OR adjective) brained will become in vogue! Just a thought.

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