Preview of Normal for Monday

By: Diane Benjamin

Another parking deck loss:

Chalk up another 2nd floor rent payment while the first floor of One Uptown Circle is still empty:

On the agenda:

Uptown floods, the underpass will flood too. The bobbleheads will approve anyway:

There is more, why blow the surprise now?

2 thoughts on “Preview of Normal for Monday

  1. $1.6M Local commitment is a LIE!!! The construction estimates were done years ago. They ignore the pandemic caused cost increases and inflation. Actual costs could be over 60% higher. This equates to $4M-11M more than what is being disclosed. Staff refused to update the estimates with current costs. Normal residents will pay 100% of the increase. The vote is to fund the Underpass regardless of the cost!!!!

    This is what staff expect council to rubber stamp.
    “If the cost of the project increases:
    o The Town is still obligated to complete the project.
    o The USDOT will not increase the award amount.”

    To make it worse. Staff have no proposal on where the funding will come from. This means cutting existing services or raising taxes.

    Read it for yourself. Packet Pg. 7-4 (pdf page 46)

    Stan Nord – Normal Councilmemeber who cares more about the residents of Normal than using tax dollars to boost the mayor’s business and see the staff’s pet projects are completed for them to include on their resumes.

  2. Thank you Stan for addressing the REAL cost of mr koo koos underground water ponding project. I CANNOT wait until it floods, just like the bridge a few blocks to the west does, and then write ALL ABOUT how mr koos likes to THINK he’s a smartie smart.. In reality he’s doubtful to even make a C minus as a ISU music major. NO OFFENSE to music majors.. He SHOULD stick to selling bicycle parts and pieces..
    Even WGLT said this a.m. that the TOTAL cost at this time would be around $24 MILLION! REALLY CHRIS???
    Bobbleheads coming in to approve another uptown “Boondoggle”!

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