Unit 5 School starts in 6 days

By: Diane Benjamin

Press Release:

We do not elect masters to tell us what to do. We elect those to represent us in service to The People, by The People, and for The People. We are not a democracy, we are a representative republic engaged in a democratic process in that it is The People’s choice and responsibility. The draconian unconstitutional overreach in our local government and local health department will not be tolerated.

Our local elected officials, The McLean County Health Department, all Mclean County School Boards and Superintendents are officially PUT ON NOTICE.

You will uphold the law and not make up your own laws or follow unlawful mandates to manipulate our People and use our Children as pawns.

Friday at 2pm in front of the McLean County Health Department~ Members of the Press are welcome to witness our First Amendment right to assemble as given to us by God Almighty and witness The People make their voices be heard to the servants in local government WHO WORK FOR US.



If you missed this video of a teacher resigning at the Loudoun County Virginia School Board meeting, it’s a must see. She realized she can’t teach at a school that is “woke” and expects her to teach it.

Unit 5 has a lot of job openings, including this one: https://phlaptweb26.applitrack.com/unit5/onlineapp/default.aspx?all=1

They are also short 9 teachers. Maybe more if the current teachers watch the video above. Unit 5 also has this job open:

As close as I can tell, this job aids in custom education that allows teachers to insert their own content, like the 1619 Project?

District 87 has a lot of job openings, none are regular teachers. School starts there one day later. https://www.applitrack.com/district87/onlineapp/default.aspx?all=1

7 thoughts on “Unit 5 School starts in 6 days

  1. Sorry for the long post but there is no way to easily discredit the progressives claim that CRT is not in our schools.

    Here are two contradicting truths – which is true?
    1. “CRT is not in our schools, it’s a college level course and can not be found in K-12 classrooms.”
    2. All over the US parents and teachers are protesting and Governors are banning the teachings of CRT in K-12 classrooms.

    What is the truth?

    You have to find out for yourself.
    I read a book on Critical Theories called Cynical Theories by James Lyndsay. (Very in depth)
    I read the new Illinois teacher’s job description called Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards.

    My findings –

    Here is what Critical Race Theory (CRT) very basically claims
    Racism is present in EVERY aspect of life and in every social system we have in America. It is systematic.

    Critical Theory defines all human beings as members of socially constructed groups, we are not individuals. In the case of CRT your group is based on skin color.

    Life is a struggle for power between the oppressor and the oppressed.

    The white race is the most dominant and powerful because early white Europeans purposefully constructed every aspect of society solely to maintain their power.

    Right and wrong are subject to lived experience. There is no absolute truth. It depends on skin color.

    Even the arts, sciences and mathematics are false, white European constructs and tools to maintain power. According to the theorists 2+2 is not necessarily equal to 4. Really.

    Whites are born racists. They can not be absolved from it, they can only self reflect and become “anti-racists”. They can not be forgiven no matter what they do or don’t do.

    Therefore all social systems (schools, the law, capitalism, the family, the Constitution…. Etc) must be torn down and reconstructed in the image of the Critical Theorists. They want to go back to year 0 and start over.

    You will find the following terms and phrases taken directly from the teacher’s new standard. These are now job descriptions and teachers who do not live up to them can (and probably will) be fired or quit.

    lived experiences determine correctness.
    Self-reflection must be used concerning power structures.
    Systems of oppression must be eliminated.
    The school system itself creates and reinforces inequities and oppression and must be changed.
    Systems of inequity exist and must be eliminated.
    As a white person you must understand that you are the dominant culture.
    You must understand the affects of power and privilege you have or do not have.
    You must understand that inequitable punishment of students of color exists therefore punishment must be modified accordingly.
    You must see through the lens of equity.

    The course labeled CRT 101 can not be found in any K-12 school but CRT principles WILL permeate every teacher, every class and every K-12 student. I imagine news about law suits will become a daily occurrence.

      1. Radicals are smart enough to know that you shouldn’t tip your hand. Odd though that the initials for Culturally Responsive Teaching are (CRT).

    1. They’ve been teaching this garbage and more just like it at NCHS since at least 2012. I’m not surprised teachers are quitting. They lost many good teachers over the failure called common core. It’s truly sad and unfortunate, however, Homeschooling is an option. More families are doing this and many of the teachers who have left public schools are teaching students in Homeschool Groups.

  2. I’ve had a lot of unit 5 teachers tell me they will quit if they’re forced to teach crt or the new sex Ed curriculum.

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