Update: Is WGLT fake news or is Normal hiding the truth?

WGLT fixed the story, Normal annexed the property years ago. They don’t own it

I’m leaning toward WGLT has the story wrong. No records indicate Normal owns the land.

By: Diane Benjamin

WGLT has a story about last night’s Normal Town Council meeting: https://www.wglt.org/local-news/2021-09-20/council-approves-loves-truck-stop-rv-park-on-30-acre-normal-site

I didn’t make it past this paragraph:

The Town of Normal owns the farmland where the Loves Truck Center will be built?

If yes, exactly when did the Council approve selling the farm land? That would be NEVER.

If no, where did WGLT get their information from? 50 years is pretty specific for making it up!

This is the property and legal description – including ownership:

Is John Walsh managing the property for the Town of Normal, or is WGLT just Fake News?

I printed the whole article, just in case it gets changed without a correction notice:








4 thoughts on “Update: Is WGLT fake news or is Normal hiding the truth?

  1. We’re

    I lost respect for GLT when they became the obvious propaganda machine for Normal and started publishing “hit pieces” on the private lives of people who disagreed with the Town on various issues. They have become too aggressive in their smear and destroy style for my tastes.


  2. wglt finally got around to correcting the story…

    The 30 acres have been annexed into the town and zoned agriculture for nearly 50 years. On Monday, besides rezoning the farmland as B-1, general business, the council approved a site plan, a preliminary subdivision plan, and conditionally approved a final plat for the project.

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