Normal: McCarthy is Koos’ toothless attack dog

By: Diane Benjamin

Bloomington reports monthly to the Council and citizens on financial trends. We all can see exactly how much money has been collected for various taxes.

Normal doesn’t!

Normal dumps all tax revenue in the General Fund, including Local Motor Fuel Tax. Pay attention Kevin McCarthy, you obviously missed City Manager Pam Reece saying just that at the April 19, 2021 meeting. The video is in this story:

Do I need to clip it for you Kevin, or are you capable of fast forwarding to 1:07:50?

Stan Nord “celebrated” the one year anniversary of Normal increasing the Local Motor Fuel tax last night during Trustee comments. He read the promises made about how it would be spent at that time. This will be even more important in the future because of the new Love’s Truck Stop approved last night and the huge amount of fuel taxes they will pour into Normal.

Stan wondered how citizens can be sure these taxes are spent where promised: roads and sidewalks. See his comments below because Kevin McCarthy later completely misrepresented what Stan said. See if you hear the word “illegal” anywhere:

Now watch Kevin McCarthy’s asinine response. Citizens don’t know where gas taxes are spent, they don’t even know how much Normal has collected. Stan never accused Pam Reece of doing anything illegal. Raising taxes for one purpose and using the money for another is highly unethical, but McCarthy doesn’t care. Citizens do know their roads are crap, they are paying more for gas, and McCarthy isn’t a public servant. Thanks for making that clear Kevin. Attacking Stan for things he didn’t say makes you a tiny man with an extreme lack of character.

Worse, Stan was not allowed by Koos to respond. Koos makes sure Stan speaks first so his lame attack dog can be unleashed after. Yes, some parts of Normal are extremely transparent. Details of where your tax dollars are spent aren’t.

4 thoughts on “Normal: McCarthy is Koos’ toothless attack dog

  1. I had 2 businesses exclude Normal as a place to locate just because of their “undiplomatic” council meetings. Their word, not mine. No one likes to do business with bullies.

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  2. this is one of those articles where you are almost 100. koos sics his boy kev on us protest folk every time we try to confront him on his shifty doins. yall aint the only ones koos works to silence.


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