Tax dollars used to create democrats

By: Diane Benjamin

More details in this story:

Below is one more short video from the last Normal Town Council meeting. Chemberly Cummings is trying to find kids to turn into activists for the democrat party. Of course she is using tax dollars to do it. Once again, not all 9th-11th graders in Normal are eligible, if you go to a private school you are not welcome.

Remember the Citizen’s Summit a few years back? The opinions of the people paying the bills were ignored. The Town tried to limit who could participate. The consultant the Town used got fired because he didn’t produce the results the Town wanted.

Cummings wants the kids to tell her what they want the Town to do. An April presentation is planned as well as lobbying Springfield. It doesn’t matter these kids aren’t going to be paying for their wish list. There is a reason kids can’t vote until they are 18. Kids have no life experience to know what they want, who pays for it, or how destructive government is to their financial security.

I hope the taxpayers of Normal appreciate their money being spent to create democrat voters! If the Council Republicans weren’t RINO’s, Preston and Lorenz would be creating something similar to explain Limited Government, the schools sure don’t teach it. Chemberly won’t be teaching it either.

10 thoughts on “Tax dollars used to create democrats

  1. What could possibly go wrong? Poor Bloomington-Normal. See what you get when ISU and IWU choose not to return home or SF recruits more of the finest or Julie Dobski convinces the Chamber to put “Come on Down” signs on the Eden Expressway to work at McDonald’s. The Fortress helped start the invasion but it will not end there. Think of Chiraq as your southern border. There is a beginning but no end. What time is the Super Bowl party again on Wisteria Lane? Fools.

    1. So is Julie Dobski a Rino too? Darn it with these faux Republicans! Is Markowitz the Fortress? She really teed BN up for a fall!

      1. Well, yes she is. However the Dobski’s will break bread or partner with anyone who will do them a good turn. Just look at the pictures the Pantagraph will publish of their assorted parties throughout the year. Friends and political enemies are both welcome. Julie liked to use muscle from the labor union whenever she fired someone that might cause a problem whenever she was on various local boards. The Fortress is Cummings. Gave herself that moniker.

  2. I can’t be legal to use tax dollars to create Democrat lobbyists. This is all part of Chemberly Cummings campaign to take Dan Brady’s seat. Why am I am not surprised the RINOS and Democrat council approved this?

      1. Apparently Koos and Reece want Chemberly to be Dan Brady’s heir. Maybe they think she will be a more loyal puppet than Preston.

  3. So it would be totally O.K. for someone to create children to distrust their government, to think that the government is useless. Why exactly would anyone then run for public service? Why don’t we abolish all government, all taxes? Heck cities and states can run themselves. Why don’t we have everyone for themselves? This anti-government sediment is destructive to this country and local governments. Engaging student to advocate for their communities, Oh the horror.

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