Unit 5 Public Comment last night

By: Diane Benjamin

I picked this comment from the Unit 5 School Board meeting last night because it proves problems in Unit 5 never get solved. The District still can not get kids to school on time. It was brilliant to fire employees who aren’t vaxed, including teachers, which now means they are short staffed. Unit 5 made their problems even worse.

The speaker is Ed Cimoch. He just wants problems fixed. His child does not get to school on time and has a math class where the teacher spends half the period with his child’s class and half with another class.

Check your property tax bill, you are paying top dollar for a school system that isn’t educating all kids and can’t provide transportation that gets them to school on time.

This might be part of the problem:

What are those performance indicators? Is one of them making sure kids get to school on time? I doubt it or the kids would be getting to school on time! There were lots of other comments, maybe more later.

The information below is on Unit 5’s website – without totals: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NYySmlDTfj0v5X05u7kc88rMg-uVOrjzA1E6mPv0gOE/edit#gid=57467240

Has Unit 5 reported how many of the 463 denied an education have become COVID positive?

How many were forced to quarantine because of a court order?

Less than 1% are COVID positive over 3 weeks. Who isn’t using science?

Is a quality education one of those performance indicators?









2 thoughts on “Unit 5 Public Comment last night

  1. Normal West High School has now changed the entire school schedule in order to account for late busses. School now starts 15 minutes later than normal. Students make up the difference by subtracting 2 minutes of learning time in each class period. Since they weren’t able to address the problems with First Student, students are now deprived less teaching time.

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