Notice anything strange?

By: Diane Benjamin

The below are screen shots from the Illinois Comptroller’s website. Bloomington data is from 4/30 of 2019, 2020, and 2021. Normal is from 3/31 of the same years.

To see the data yourself, start here:

From Select Report Name choose Annual Financial Report. Type the government unit you want to see.

Business-Like Activity is Enterprise Funds: Water, Sewer, Storm Water, Solid Waste, etc. Fiduciary Funds are funds that can not be used for business, likely pensions funds. Discretely Presented is likely library funds.

Look at CASH. Neither is hurting, American Rescue Plan funds were received after the dates of these reports.

Why are both stockpiling cash?

I included more information for Normal because they are shifting cash to other accounts:

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