All those “little” property tax increases add up

By: Diane Benjamin

You need to see this data for the story I am going to do next. We know property taxes are going up again, but property values are also going up. This will be a double whammy to your bill next year.

I picked a random house on Towanda Avenue in Normal:

Tax year 2010 – Net Taxable Value $82,891 Property taxes $6,497.20

Tax year 2020 – Net Taxable Value $82,527 Property taxes $7,626.48

Notice the taxable value went DOWN while taxes went UP?

The taxable value went down .44% but taxes went up 17.38% over 10 years

Property tax data is on the County website:

2010 and 2020 taxes per unit of government from the tax bills:

The units of government citizens NEVER watch raised taxes more than those who are watched: Heartland, Normal Township, Airport.







10 thoughts on “All those “little” property tax increases add up

  1. Death by a thousand taxes. Most politicians do not look at the big picture in their decisions. They justify their vote for individual tax increases saying “this one little tax increase is very small on the taxpayers.” The problem is they re-use this excuse to justify many different tax and fee increases each year which just drowns taxpayers. RINOs use this excuse all the time. Normal just needlessly raised property taxes on Monday. The vote was 6-1.

    Another consequence of elections and no accountability.

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    1. Thanks for all you do Stan. The contrast between you and the other council members is something to behold. You are the only one looking out for the people.

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  2. Wondering what a recount would cost if a citizen of Normal insisted on one or volunteered to pay for it. Then who would do the recount? If a citizen pays, can they pick their counters?


  3. I think property taxes will balloon higher next year. Higher home values and tax rates will combine for shocking increases. This year I helped 12 clients reduce their tax bills. Many saved over $1000. Several times I cut a proposed assessment increase in half. People will begin a new cycle of moving out of state if and when interest rates rise and when already high property tax bills shoot much higher than they are now .No politician in Illinois will address property tax relief or pension reform while pension line items are being added left and right to property tax bills.

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  4. Still wondering what a recount would cost for next time because there WILL BE a next time. Another stolen election in ILLannoy is on the horizon and that includes the town of Normal. Constantly blaming only the voters, with little regard to the process of who (how) counts the votes in this day in age in this state is a fools game. So if anyone has any idea what a recount would cost I would appreciate an answer. Quite honestly the good guys ought to be ready next time a questionable outcome comes around rather than an “Oh well, we tried, we lost.” Should be, “I simply don’t believe it and so what. What’s wrong with a recount? We’ve got the money! We might be surprised with what we find. Let’s hold them accountable. Win or lose, let’s just do it.”


    1. It wasn’t stolen. They went and personally contacted people who never vote in local elections and signed them up for Vote By Mail. Who do you think these people voted for? The people who contacted them or the people who didn’t? Knowledge to vote isn’t a requirement for actually voting.



    Question: True or false? Between 2010 and 2020, while the property value of your Bloomington-Normal home went down slightly (about a half-percent, according to the McLean County website), your property taxes went up about 17%.

    Answer: That’s true. The owner of a $250,000 home is paying about $1,150 more, even if its appraised value went down.

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