More proof Lorenz and Preston work for government – not you

By: Diane Benjamin

Local property values are rising which means your property taxes will be going up based on the new value of your home. Units of government claiming they are keeping the rate the same as last year want you to believe they aren’t raising your taxes. When you bill comes in the mail next year your will see for yourself that is not true.

Both of the clips below are from the Work Session Normal held before the Council meeting. Both Kathleen Lorenz and Scott Preston claimed they are concerned about local affordable housing. Both must not know affordable housing is closely tied to PROPERTY TAXES. See previous story:

Property taxes not only make single family homes unaffordable over time, they increase rents. Government never absorbs their increased expenses, landlords won’t either.

Normal has a huge windfall of cash, but they already have it spent. Pensions are a continual problem, Normal uses property taxes to fund them. That makes it way to easy to say we need more money and send you the bill. More on pensions in the next story.

During the Council meeting both Lorenz and Preston “forgot” they were concerned about affordable housing when they both voted for a higher tax levy. The tax rate may remain the same, but your property taxes in Normal will be going up because your property values likely went up. What you pay in 2023 will probably be even worse.

Your self-proclaimed Republicans are protecting government revenue at your expense. Affordable housing is scarce because government taxes housing at excessive rates.

I wonder if both are setting up government paying to build affordable housing – of course at your expense. Maybe new construction property taxes will be deferred for 10 years to make building affordable. Just a guess!

Full video of Monday’s meeting:

Lorenz is at 42:52, Preston is at 1:00:22








4 thoughts on “More proof Lorenz and Preston work for government – not you

  1. I recall years ago when Preston first ran for office he spoke at the GOP breakfast. Only one I have ever attended. He said he was running because he was concerned about Normal’s excessive spending and taxes. I thought to myself this guy is full of crap. I was right.

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  2. There is no longer any doubt that kathy lorenz and scottie preston are actually full on democrats posing as republicans. We must demand they both stop calling themselves Republicans and start using democrat the next time they run for office.


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