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The fireworks code was re-written in 2005, the terminology looks pretty much the same however. Blank Cartridges is still in the law: https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs3.asp?ActID=1634&ChapterID=38

Novelty items are still exempt, Normal did regulate those anyway stating they can only be sold in approved buildings.

By: Diane Benjamin

This won’t be the only story about last night!

One thing should be perfectly clear. Before Stan Nord was elected meetings rarely lasted more than 1/2 hour. Many meetings were less than 15 minutes. If you need proof, go to the Town’s YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/user/NormalIllinois/videos

1/3/2017 was 10:47 minutes long. 1/17/2017 was 5:12 minutes long. 10/17/2016 was 5:46 minutes long. These are just a few examples.

There were some longer meetings, but there are way too many really short meetings. Many meetings were less than an hour. Why are most of the meetings now 2-3 hours long? Maybe because Trustees are actually discussing Town business instead of just rubber stamping whatever is on the agenda?

The longest discussion last night was about the “blank cartridges’ in the fireworks code. The rest of the council voted to leave it in, Stan Nord voted no. The claim was made the language is in the State Code and has never been enforced it in 40 years, so why take it out.

Readers, take a short trip with me:


State Fire Marshall’s APPROVED AND PROHIBITED CONSUMER FIREWORKS AND UNREGULATED NOVELTIES: https://www2.illinois.gov/sites/sfm/SFMDocuments/Documents/ApprovedAndProhibitedFireworks.pdf


Blank cartridges are not mentioned there, but it does reference 425 ILCS 35/1. Jump to that one:


Again blank cartridges aren’t mentioned, but the list from Normal’s packet of items (like party poppers) that are approved are mentioned in the definitions. One would think if blank cartridges were in the code and Normal was using the State code all of the items listed in their paragraph would be in the same code.


That code section, (425 ILCS 35/2)(from Ch. 127 1/2, par. 128), does mention two Public Acts for unlawful possession: P.A. 93-263 and 94-658.


P.A. 93-263 doesn’t mention blank cartridges: https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs3.asp?ActID=2471


Hey! Public Act 94-658 does mention blank cartridges – it is crossed out in that act which means it was repealed: https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/publicacts/fulltext.asp?Name=094-0658&GA=94

I’m out of Code sections and References to check. I wonder if Town attorney Brian Day actually checked the State law before convincing the Town their code was required by State law. “Blank cartridges” was only left in the code last night because the Council was told it is in State Law. Where is that in the law Normal?

Many trustees and Chris Koos claimed it would never be enforced because it hasn’t been enforced for forty years. That means the Normal Police are told which laws to ignore and which ones to enforce.

We know from history the Town of Normal selectively prosecutes those who don’t kneel before them. Pam Reece sent the police to establishments who tried to just stay in business during the lockdowns. Pam Reece has told citizens mowing their grass they need to where a mask by the sidewalk in case somebody walks by. Then there is Stan Nord who was forced to pay tap-on fees because the Town forgot to charge 3 or 4 owners before him.

I don’t want to hear about laws that won’t be enforced because they never have been!

Karyn Smith was close to tears last night because I did a story about the “blank cartridges”. She doesn’t realize I don’t read all the documentation for meetings, I quit reading after the “woke” changes to the fire code. I write stories because people contact me with questions. Obviously calling the Town for clarification would have resulted in the same WRONG answer. I would have been told it is in State Law.

This is a can’t miss video and why Karyn Smith needs to resign. She talks about the Council enforcing the law. The Council doesn’t enforce laws Karyn, the police do. Pam Reece has proven she will use them when it fits her needs. If the rubber stamp trustees actually checked the “facts” the professional staff hands them, I wouldn’t have to. Too many times they have been wrong.

If Brian Day can prove where the verbiage isn’t crossed out in State Law, I will gladly apologized. Meanwhile enjoy this:

This conversation was very long, just hit play to hear it. It speaks volumes about who represents you.

3 thoughts on “Update: Normal: Comedy Central

  1. She says “Anger Never Solved Anything”…who is she? How the heck did she get a college degree when she doesn’t even know why this country fought for it’s independence. What an idiot.


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