Normal: Brian Day?

By: Diane Benjamin

Yesterday I showed you the code passed by the Normal Town Council because they were told it was State Law when it isn’t State Law:

Nobody from the Town of Normal has sent proof that story is wrong and WGLT hasn’t done a story calling me a liar, so I have to believe it is correct.

The Council also passed this code, I believe it violates State Law:

The Town wants to eliminate pop-up stands selling items that aren’t hazardous, just fun. But, can they do that?

This is the law referenced in the State Fire Marshall’s letter posted in yesterday’s story:

This is the specific code section mentioned:

The State Fire Marshall called the novelty items listed in what Normal passed “unregulated”:

The Town of Normal “regulated” items listed in the law as “unregulated”.

When is the Town Attorney getting fired?

As anybody else on the Council figured out the “professional staff” isn’t so professional?

Is Normal going to enforce the code they passed or pretend it isn’t law? We were told “blank cartridges” has never been enforced, but they left it in the law anyway.

The Town of Normal is the public face of why people are fleeing Illinois:

Illinois’ population declined by a record 113,776 residents from July 2020-July 2021, according to estimates released Dec. 21 by the U.S. Census Bureau.

I know some of those 113,776 people. They took their incomes with them when they left. Guess who will be tapped to pay the taxes they no longer pay?

3 thoughts on “Normal: Brian Day?

  1. I’m one of the people that left Illinois. We don’t have the woke shennanigans in the town we moved to

    1. I can appreciate the fact that some people have legit reasons they cannot leave but most are excuses. Selling a house in BN is easy now. If you need to you can get a job in any field almost anywhere and just about any state is better than staying and putting up.with the government lies and waste..It takes some work but if you you really want to go you can. Nothing will ever change in BN and Illinois. It just gets worse. Once one realizes that the better off they will be.

  2. In Queen Reece’s Kingdom outside laws do not matter. Her decrees go unchallenged by our weak-ass council. I can see how corruption went on for so long in Dixon IL.

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