Stealing childhood

h/t a reader

Bloom School in Normal sent the following letter to parents:

The letter was written before JCAR neutered Gov Pritzker by voiding his continuing illegal edicts. Bloom school thinks the on-going court rulings on masks don’t apply to them.

Quote from the letter:

In the meantime, our indoor mask policy remains unchanged: Well-fitting masks are required indoors, but may be removed for eating provided distancing is observed and there is no talking while eating. 

Another quote from the letter:

Teachers will work with students in developmentally appropriate ways to address any student anxieties associated with these changes.

More quotes:

Given the recent improvements in community transmission conditions, we have decided to make the following changes to our outdoor policies beginning Wednesday, February 16:

  • Families will have the option to allow their children to remove their masks while outdoors.
  • Teachers will have the option to allow outdoor mixing of classes provided students are wearing masks while mixing.
  • Teachers, staff, and approved volunteers will also have the option of removing their own masks while outdoors.

Student anxieties?

It’s obvious where those anxieties come from. Bloom school students aren’t allowed to just be kids.

Posted on Facebook by the lawyer who unmasked kids in Illinois:

11 thoughts on “Stealing childhood

  1. I get huge mask anxiety. Mask anxiety is real and acknowledged in the medical field. I get shortness of breath, and lightheaded when wearing one. I also get a rash on my face. All of these are documented side effects of masks. My doctor (‘Medical Hills) has refused to see me unless I mask up. I feel like we bend over backwards for Americans that have disabilities. Which is good in most cases. But those of us that struggle with masks get the big middle finger. No compassion or allowances provided. Anyone know of a medical practice (GP, internist) that doesn’t require masks 100%?


  2. * Families are now hearing that they can sue the schools without the expense of an attorney.
    * Teachers will soon find out that they can be sued as individuals.
    * Teachers, staff, and volunteers will learn that the mandates are not law and can thus be held accountable, no longer protected by the crooked politics of ILLannoy.


    1. Yes sir. This will be happening. You can count on it! They who think they’re untouchable or unaccountable, better think again. Regarding Bloom School, they teach children from woke parents to be woke. I truly feel sorry for these kids. It’s such a shame this place exists.

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  3. Those parents are probably too busy patting themselves on the back for sending their kids there to care about how their kids are treated.


  4. Thanks for sharing Diane. We appreciate your willingness to shed light on evil. I’m looking forward to the day that I’m able to serve the school with a lawsuit. Bloom Community School will have its day in court.


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