Normal tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

Community Meeting on the Future Uptown Connector / Underpass Project

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE a public meeting on the future Uptown Connector/Underpass Project will be held at Normal City Hall, Room 409, 11 Uptown Circle, Normal, McLean County, Illinois at 5 p.m., prevailing time, on the 16th day of February, 2022. The meeting will be conducted utilizing an open house format. Those interested may attend any time between 5 to 7 p.m. At this session, Town staff and project engineers will be on-hand to answer questions and take feedback. For those unable to attend the meeting, materials will be posted to the Town of Normal website on Feb. 17 and residents will be able to submit comments and questions online.

This meeting is required as part of the grant process. Your opinions won’t matter.

This Open House didn’t even make the calendar:

The original plans called for reflecting ponds/fountains. The latest plans don’t have them. Maybe Normal finally realized inflation is going to kill their construction estimates.








3 thoughts on “Normal tonight

  1. Normal doesn’t want to have this meeting, it is only happening because of the fed money. Any input going against the agenda will be ignored. The public has been conditioned when their input goes against the agenda it will be ignored, ie. Mural, East Side Firestation, Collesseum, Uptown etc. I am sure Koos has enticed his bike customers to show up.

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