Normal holds a comedy show tonight

By: Diane Benjamin

Want to go to Washington DC with One Voice? You can register here:

3 days is a measly $1600 to hang out with Durbin, Duckworth, Davis and LaHood. I wonder what this group will be begging for this year? There is nothing better than getting people across the country to pay for your frivolous spending!

Why does Bloomington pay the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau this much every month:

And Normal pays this much:

Is it because the CVB offices are now in the Coliseum so they are just giving the money back every month in rent?

The rent for the 2nd floor above the still empty 1st floor of 1 Uptown Circle goes up every year:

It’s still okay to spike your pension in Normal:

Now for the comedy show:

Vision 2045

The Town is charging ahead with Uptown 2.0 even though the first floor of Uptown Circle has been vacant for years, and no proposals to build Trail East or Trail North have been brought forward, and Normal is still renting an entire floor in Uptown or the building wouldn’t have been built.

The Town believes kids ages 3-15 should tell them what they want to see in the future!

The little munchkins with no concept of taxes and the cost of living are leading Normal!

See PDF page 114 and following, the kids did artwork showing their desires. Many creations are pictured, mentioned was Normal should be cleaner. A few want a river, others want the Children’s Discovery Museum bigger a safer. (😯)

One kids must be hearing his parents talk about the roads or maybe he’s tired of them hitting potholes:

The Town must have heard this kid, they are throwing in more money for streets:

The lists of streets is on PDF page 39. That must be the complete list, $1,000,000 won’t pay for all of them.








6 thoughts on “Normal holds a comedy show tonight

  1. This child will learn soon enough that opinions contrary to Koos and Reece are ignored. They have a long history of ignoring opposing voices. The roads will remain a much lower priority than the mayor bikeshop’s trail and underpass.

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  2. I don’t understand how calling a Council meeting a comedy show helps anyone. Same with calling a Councilmember Bozo the clown. How does that help the cause? It’s not persuasive. It doesn’t help minds meet. It doesn’t advance any actual position.
    As for DC trips- those help bring federal tax dollars we’ve already paid back to the community. Economically, it’s a win for us and we should be glad. Aim higher with your voice.


    1. Normal’s Council meetings are pretty much a “clown show.” Multiple times the AG has ruled against the illegal public comment policies at their council meetings. The staff who argued the public should be silenced have never been held accountable. At these meetings,the mayor orders staff not to answer questions when the response will expose obvious unethical behavior, corruption or waste. The mayor regularly orders that one council person to stop his question mid-sentance. Normal has taken away the ability for opposing voices to be heard. The public and elected voices that disagree with King Koos and Queen Reece are silenced. Normal operates as a dictatorship. The council meeting is merely a state-imposed burden and political theatre. So yes, at the fault of the spineless council and elite staff, Normal council meetings are a “clown show.”

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