Connect Transit pays Proterra for Electric buses

By: Diane Benjamin

That amount is far from what the total cost is:

PDF page 26

Connect thinks you don’t pay Federal or State taxes. No local funds used. (Ha!)


The entire fleet of Proterra buses was removed from the roads by SEPTA, the city’s transit authority, in February 2020 due to both structural and logistical problems—the weight of the powerful battery was cracking the vehicles’ chassis, and the battery life was insufficient for the city’s bus routes. The city raised the issues with Proterra, which failed to adequately address the city’s concerns.

Search Proterra bus problems, there are many stories.

Without including the bus purchase, they still lost over $1 million. Note Revenue isn’t close to paying even the wages:


Ridership in January was way off December. It was way off January 2021, but CT claims year-to-date ridership is up?

Have people quit riding?

If you look at payments you will see lots of consulting fees and travel.

4 thoughts on “Connect Transit pays Proterra for Electric buses

  1. I would question if we are actually hearing the full story and full cost (as bad as it is) on these Proterra buses from people that likely value appearance over effectiveness.

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