Found on the ISU campus

By: Diane Benjamin

The author of this email is with the College of Nursing at ISU. I don’t know if this course is required or optional. This is teaching Critical Race Theory:

The instructor is also employed at ISU as a specialist in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

The goal of the course is to teach students how to be anti-racist. That doesn’t mean what it sounds like. The course will teach that this country was built for white people by white people. It will teach capitalism is racist. It will teach discrimination against white people is fine because minority groups can not succeed in this country because of systemic racism.

What it is really teaching is Marxism. The left knows America is a place where people believe they can succeed through hard work. Traditional Marxism pitting classes of people against each other doesn’t work here because there is lots of evidence being born poor doesn’t mean you can’t die filthy rich. Marxism had to be redefined to pit races against each other.

Did you notice color-blind ideology is racist? ISU needs to stop celebrating MLK Day, it is obviously racist in the College of Nursing and probably across the university since ISU DEI specialist doesn’t just teach courses in the the College of Nursing.

ISU is teaching minorities can’t succeed. ISU is teaching white students are oppressors. Minorities are being used to promote Marxism in America. How much are you paying for this privilege? This anti-American philosophy won’t end until minorities realize they are being used to destroy this country.

ISU continues to make me want to rip up my degree, I’d have to find it first however.

9 thoughts on “Found on the ISU campus

  1. Best thing that ever happened to my girlfriend was being asked to resign from ISU. Save the books in the library, but the rest of campus could burn to the ground, and nothing of value would be lost. The day ISU closes permanently will be a cause for celebration.

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  2. in real life the paper degree doesnt mean much. no different than a marriage certificate. does the piece of paper make you a better person? no, its all on you to work hard. same as these “degrees”. these marxist groups of people know better, its not about the degree, or about teaching the subject, its about the next generaation of America haters and race baiters/dividers. It is sad that ISU allows it. The BLONO area is great but being in the mix with the libturds is getting obnoxiously irritating. Honestly if a switch is flipped and we were full blown marxism and/or communism tomorrow these idiots would be the first victims to lose their possessions and freedoms. i will fight for mine.

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  3. Correct Diane,
    Listening to James Lindsay (not a right wing ideologue by any means, voracious reader, extremely intelligent mathematician, he can quote deep historical writings at will). He’s done an in depth study of historical Marxism and relates it to today’s CRT movement. He has found that the tactics presented by the current CRT movement is an exact match with what Marxism did in the past but replacing economics with racial divisiveness to destroy our social order and replace it with socialism (the predecessor to communism) See Epoch Times TV interviews.
    His new book that I plan to read is –

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  4. But here’s where the real problem is. This is a list of a few of the reference books you can find in Unit 5’s, 124 page Equity Audit document. (on line)
    These are the foundations upon which Unit 5’s Equity Plan is built on. It is Racial Marxism.

    Teachers and administrators who consider these concepts to be acceptable to inform their teaching plans are a clear and present danger to our children and our society.

    Delpit, L. (2012). Multiplication is for white people: Raising expectations for other people’s
    children. The New Press.

    DiAngelo, R. (2018). White Fragility: Why it’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism.
    Beacon Press.

    Diem, S. & Welton, A. (2021). Anti-Racist Educational Leadership and Policy. Routledge.

    Freire, P. (1970). Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Herder and Herder

    Kendi, I. (2019). How to be an Antiracist. One World, First Edition

    Kincheloe, J. (2008). Critical Pedagogy. Peter Lang Publishing

    Mickelson, R. (2020). How Tracking Undermines Race Equity in Desegregated Schools. In
    Ferguson (Eds), Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Social Class. Sage Publications

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    1. Another on the list of references use in Unit 5’s Equity Audit document is this book –
      Ladson-Billings, G. (1994). The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American
      Children. Jossey-Bass.

      Quoting from the book Race Marxism by James Lindsay he writes – Ladson-Billings wrote a paper in 1995 titled “Toward a Critical Race Theory of Education” (a title many will find grimly amusing since we so often hear more than twenty five years later that Critical Race Theory isn’t in our schools). After complaining that “white Marxists have not done enough to focus on race in the goal to Theorize society… .”

      Never accept the statement that CRT isn’t in our schools. But now we can also say that a new form of Marxism is also in our schools. Race Marxism.

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