Normal tonight – Mental Health!

By: Diane Benjamin

Chris Koos is back to traveling at taxpayer expense:

The agenda is pretty slim, taxpayers will get an update on your last Sales Tax rate increase:

PDF page 44:

The Council will be holding an Executive Session (Secret meeting) to discuss personnel issues. This has to be about specific employees, not general. Chris Koos placed it on the agenda, not the City Manager.

3 thoughts on “Normal tonight – Mental Health!

  1. If not compromised, I would gladly pitch in a few bucks of my tax money for a “Behavior Health Action Plan” to study and cure the narcissistic assholes in government. Curing them could rate right up there with being the best tax money ever spent.


  2. I wonder if MIA A.J. Zimmerman is going to be replacing Scottie “the democrat” Preston? Or if McCarthy is going to replace Chris Kooskoos?

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  3. I’m curious what Civic IO/South by Southwest is referring to? I was always under the impression that South by Southwest was an entertainment/music event.

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