Follow-up to ISU/College Ave story

Lots of students at ISU found this story last night and today and left comments. Please read the comments and respond if you choose. I responded to a few, I left the rest for you guys. Check back often, I expect more to be added.

10 thoughts on “Follow-up to ISU/College Ave story

  1. Some ISU students seem oblivious to traffic. Drivers need to respect pedestrians using “crosswalks”, in return pedestrians need to understand’ they do not have “the right of way”. The world would be a better place if everyone had an awareness for others.

  2. College kids are taught to feel unsafe and to demand that people around them provide them with safety. It’s all part of the program(ming). I guess personal responsibility is not taught by parents or the indoctrination (formerly education) system.

    Students in Hewitt Manchester can and do use the crossing at Fell and College. It is more straight-forward and in that way students don’t have to think as hard to navigate it, so it’s probably safer. If you can’t handle the School street crossing, which has been made very simple by waiting for the WALK signal, (but please.. look for cars anyway because it’s YOU who can get hurt, no matter who is at fault) -just use the one on Fell.

    If something simply MUST be done, it would probably be cheaper to hire a crossing guard – like the ones they have at Elementary schools- than it would be to build an under or overpass.

  3. I’m glad the students found your article. Their parents need to find it too and understand they have failed to teach their children how to follow basic rules so they can safely cross the street without having their hands held. Students are mocking you for pointing this out, but they are young. It may take them becoming a parent before they appreciate the value of instilling personal responsibility to know how to safely cross a road.

    I’m not saying whether that intersection is more or less dangerous than others. But Normal’s traffic is nothing like they will experience when they leave our podunk town and go to a major metro city.

  4. Diane,

    Are you paid to produce journalism or pick fights with freshman? Because you’re doing an exceptionally bad job at both.


    A concerned reader

    1. Hey Kinzy, are you an a$$hole or just plain nosy? Because you’re doing a bang up job at both.


      A barely concerned commenter

  5. So many young adults that cannot function in life without help from their mommy or daddy….

  6. If college students cannot successfully navigate a crosswalk at an intersect, they’ve got much bigger issues than we ever imagined.

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