Making EV’s affordable: free electricity

By: Diane Benjamin

The data below was FOIA’d by Doug Fansler from the Town of Normal. Guess who is paying to charge Electric Vehicles?

That would be the taxpayers of Normal, State of Illinois (ISU), and Heartland College district taxpayers.

Maybe after paying way more for an EV than a gas powered vehicle free electricity is a necessity. It could also be referred to as redistribution of your wealth to those who can afford an EV.

Doug also sent this video which shows the cost of charging a Tesla with a Supercharger:

Doug did this analysis based on the video, it was only 82% charged when unplugged:

Here is the Tesla charging numbers:

$18.71 charge for 240 miles = $0.077/mile

Doug reported his non electric vehicle gets 30 mpg and has a 17.1 gal tank. So at $4.00 a gallon:

$56.08 (17.1×82%×$4@gal) fill for 513 miles (30×17.1) = $0.10/mile.

If gas goes back to $3 a gallon:

$42.06 (17.1×82%×$3) for 513 miles =$0.082/mile

If gas goes back to $2.50 a gallon:

$35.06 (17.1×82%x$2.50 for 513 miles = $0.0683/mile

See now why gas prices are high? EV’s don’t make any sense if they aren’t high. Don’t claim they are better than for the environment when they can’t be produced without fossil fuels and the batteries require mining. Nobody knows yet what will happen to the toxic batteries at the end of their life either.

18 thoughts on “Making EV’s affordable: free electricity

  1. Small correction in your calculations… you are missing a zero after the decimal in your calculations for the internal combustion engine numbers at $3.00 and $2.50 per gallon respectively.

    At $3 per gallon it would actually be $0.082/mile (8 cents per mile) (not 82 cents/mile)

    At $2.50 per gallon it would actually be $0.0683/mile (just under 7 cents per mile) (not 68 cents/mile)


  2. Something I’ve been thinking about since the debut of the EV is why the manufacturer didn’t put a generator or alternator on the motor? My thinking is also that without them, more money could be made & less charging stations would be required. Think about it!



    1. That wouldn’t work. The generator would put more of a load on the eletric motor thus draining the battery faster. This will always generate a net lose of energy. Electric cars do have dynamic braking. This is turning the electric motor into a generator when stopping the car. This allows for energy to be recovered instead of being lost as heat as with stsndard friction brakes.


  3. Rivian’s P.R. Department continues to flood auto manufacturing and other media with ” positive” news boasting about its pre- orders, investments and 2022 first quarter production numbers. Using Rivian’s own numbers, just over four vehicles are being produced in an average eight hour day. However, that figure is probably worse since there are reports that most line workers are at the plant six days a week and working 10 to 12 hours per shift. You have to sympathize due to logistics problems affecting the industry but the figure does not bode well for future success and customer satisfaction. Again, a high percentage of the workers also have no previous auto manufacturing experience.


  4. All major automotive manufactures will stop producing gasoline cars by 2040. This includes Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda and Hyundai. All of those manufactures have fully electric vehicles available now. Producing the infrastructure to supply the electricity is just ramping up.

    In the early 2000’s very few people had cell phones and in fact there were limited cell towers. Now most people have cell phones and cell towers are in the millions across this country. Technology waits for no one. Just because you and your readers don’t understand the technology behind EV doesn’t mean that the infrastructure should not be built.

    This blog has bashed Rivian from the very beginning. Rivian has proven this blogger wrong repeatedly. Perhaps all the naysayers should look into all the various problems Tesla and Elon Musk had manufacturing its EV vehicles.


    1. Insulting people’s intelligence won’t get you anywhere here. Typical of liberal “debate.” The infrastructure being built is fine, as long as taxpayers aren’t the one’s paying for it. Charging stations are fine, as long as taxpayers aren’t paying for it. Are you getting the point here? Tesla, Rivian, etc. should be paying for charging stations. Drivers should be paying for charging their vehicle. No one puts gas in my car for me, why should I charge some rich jerks EV? Get over yourself.

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    2. Tech that requires digging rare elements for batteries largely outside the US for batteries that have a short life compared to 150,000, 200,000 mile or more combustion engines will not replace combustion engines. Manufacturers will learn the balance over time that is currently over 98% combustion. EV’s have a place, but hybrids and combustion will remain over 75% or more till 2040 or beyond. Manufacturers will sell what the customer wants, not what they want to sell.

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    3. “All major automotive manufactures will stop producing gasoline cars by 2040. This includes Ford, GM, Toyota, Honda and Hyundai. All of those manufactures have fully electric vehicles available now. Producing the infrastructure to supply the electricity is just ramping up.”

      I find that above pretty funny actually. It reminds me of the “If I SAY it, it’s real” mentality that so many on the left currently have, it’s basically the mentality of a toddler or a kid at least under say 6 or 7 who indulges themselves in fantasy but insists it’s real. It’s akin to the “That’s been debunked” BS that they spew so glibly, well, until, it becomes well known that it really has NOT been debunked at all and is in fact fully true. It’s sort of like Al Gore and the Polar Bears, and Biden saying that he doesn’t know anything about his son’s business dealings, but oh look the Polar Bears are doing pretty well these days and well, we all know the Biden crime family is being exposed one layer at a time, might be time to rip the band aid off of THAT and it might be time to call out this Electric Car thing for what it it REALLY is too. If I only had the choice of riding a donkey or driving an electric car, I’d ride the donkey.

      Oh and by the way, just because a car company MAKES an EV that doesn’t mean they won’t want to offer choices – oh I forgot actual choice doesn’t really enter into “the vision” does it?


  5. Having read this blog for years I haven’t read any article where Rivian has been trashed unless reporting what activity that is actually going on at rivian is considered trashing.

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