Connect Transit: meeting tomorrow

By: Diane Benjamin

March reports for tomorrow’s meeting:


Revenue: $115,067.82

Expenses: $1,131,101.01

Operating loss: $1,016,033.19


Revenue didn’t even cover Group Health Insurance for the month: $123,949.81

Fixed Route:

We don’t know how many people were counted twice because they had to change buses.

Connect Mobility:

Remember when I reported on “microtransit” from the Connect presentation to the Bloomington City Council?

Celebrate! They want to buy electric vehicles and chargers:

Go to PDF page 18 to see what Illinois Democrats are trying to pass. Hint: Complete Streets for State and Federal projects plus the Electric Vehicle and Charging Act which requires charging capability in all new home construction.

Meanwhile electricity rates in central and southern Illinois are skyrocketing because Pritzker took “Bold Action”:

There is far more “news” than usual in the documentation. The note is on PDF page 27:

This amendment does far more than what is listed – it basically hands Illinois to unions which of course fund the democrat party. The lawsuit was filed because of what it really does.

In case you missed this one – also on PDF page 27. They left out “illegal” before Immigrant.

PDF page 28: (Republicans don’t need to show up and the ILGOP likes it that way)

See PDF page 31 for the new agreement with ISU.

PDF page 32 launches the vanpool program mentioned in the “microtransit” story above. (Subsidized!)

PDF page 34 approves service to Rivian.

Happy reading!

Normal Population: 52,736

Total: 130,111

3 thoughts on “Connect Transit: meeting tomorrow

  1. Are those busses the same ones that cities all over have returned because they don’t work half the time? Perfect fit for disconnect.


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