Fly on the Wall: Normal wants to buy what?

Flying around the Normal Public Library I heard two people discussing what the Town of Normal wants to buy now:

Alexander’s Steakhouse

Will steaks be free for all citizens of Normal? Or, is Normal usurping capitalism again to make sure the “Right Fit” moves in? Maybe it will become a branch library!

Keep in mind, if this purchase goes through, yet another property that used to pay property taxes won’t be.

Anyone else heard this?

7 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Normal wants to buy what?

      1. Who has a ton of money? Normal Taxpayers! They’ve variously helped pay for high-end internet, secured a building location, and paid to reroute utilities for ‘restauranteur friends of the mayor’, and then voted for ‘Thank you, Sir. May I have another?’ I’m sure if Pam or Chris truly want a short walk for a great margarita (or a nice steak, it the Alexander’s rumor is more the case) over lunch, they’ll find the money. in our wallets.

  1. Yeah sure, if you buy a new bike from the bike shop that the mayor owns then uppity town will throw in a free steak. All taxes and drinks are not included so bring your social credit score so we know how much to charge you.

  2. Ever since Normal built the convention center and rents it for $1 they believe they are developers and landlords. Building and buying is easy when you don’t have to worry about making a profit which of course Normal never tries to do.

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