Fly on the Wall: Normal wants to buy what?

Flying around the Normal Public Library I heard two people discussing what the Town of Normal wants to buy now:

Alexander’s Steakhouse

Will steaks be free for all citizens of Normal? Or, is Normal usurping capitalism again to make sure the “Right Fit” moves in? Maybe it will become a branch library!

Keep in mind, if this purchase goes through, yet another property that used to pay property taxes won’t be.

Anyone else heard this?

7 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Normal wants to buy what?

      1. Who has a ton of money? Normal Taxpayers! They’ve variously helped pay for high-end internet, secured a building location, and paid to reroute utilities for ‘restauranteur friends of the mayor’, and then voted for ‘Thank you, Sir. May I have another?’ I’m sure if Pam or Chris truly want a short walk for a great margarita (or a nice steak, it the Alexander’s rumor is more the case) over lunch, they’ll find the money. in our wallets.


  1. Yeah sure, if you buy a new bike from the bike shop that the mayor owns then uppity town will throw in a free steak. All taxes and drinks are not included so bring your social credit score so we know how much to charge you.

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  2. Ever since Normal built the convention center and rents it for $1 they believe they are developers and landlords. Building and buying is easy when you don’t have to worry about making a profit which of course Normal never tries to do.

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