It’s not a workers rights amendment

By Diane Benjamin

Remember when we defeated the Progressive Income Tax amendment?

Amendment 1 will be on the November ballot, it must be defeated too.

This Amendment hands power to government unions that shouldn’t exist at all.  They shouldn’t exist because they elect people to negotiate their own contracts.  We just get the bills.

Amendment 1 will raise your property taxes since unions would control their contracts instead of your elected officials. Removing all rules that keep politicians from selling us out means we will get sold out.  

Local government will cost more meaning your taxes will be higher.  How do you think their employee pensions will be funded?  The Return on Investment we get now in Illinois is dismal.  Schools don’t educate and local essential services are always last, nothing will improve if Amendment 1 passes.

This amendment applies to private sector unions too.  Expect a mass exodus of corporations that can leave, employees running their business won’t go well or be tolerated.

Illinois is corrupt enough.  Think unions running Illinois will end that?  

Property taxes are way to high because education isn’t funded by the state as required.  They can’t pay for education when pension funding eats more and more of the budget every year and our gutless leaders have to bow before unions to get elected.  Pensions will never get fixed under current leadership, with Amendment 1 they will NEVER be fixed.  Illinois will have a lot fewer people funding pensions as many more will leave.  

Think taxes are bad now?


3 thoughts on “It’s not a workers rights amendment

  1. If there is a way to screw something up, Illinois politicians will find it. If you put Springfield in charge of the desert, within a short period of time we’d have a shortage of sand.

  2. Indeed yet another deceptively worded item to vote in. The “Vote Blue All The Way Through” youngsters are already in the bandwagon promoting this thinking their gain is at hand. Unions and the gangs using their employees to spread the message.

    Words are weapons. What seems all good for people and society and noble usually is not at all the care. Except good for a select few or groups pocketbooks.

    History matters. Til these groups and unions stop grooming and enticing the working poor and using the younger folks- will pass most likely.

    It’s their base. $$$

  3. All unions, national, regional and local are run by organized crime. Unions were the wet dream.of Communists to kill capitalism.

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