Uptown vacancies and temporary signs

By: Diane Benjamin

Yesterday I walked around Uptown. Beaufort Street has signs advertising space available. Here’s a few:

The first floor of 1 Uptown Circle doesn’t have For Rent signs in the windows anymore. Did they give up or is someone finally going to rent it? It doesn’t appear any work is being done inside.

See what the windows did look like in this story: https://blnnews.com/2021/08/06/inside-1-uptown-circle/

See this Tartan website on 1 Uptown Circle for more information. I was hoping for an update on the first floor, it appears the page hasn’t been updated for years: http://tartanrealtygroup.com/?q=development/one-uptown-circle

Merry Anne’s Diner is still empty. There are a lot of “temporary signs” throughout Uptown though. Is Normal going to regulate these too?

One more sign, this is likely what the email writer from the previous story was complaining about on Beaufort:

9 thoughts on “Uptown vacancies and temporary signs

  1. You got an empty bank too…. and a lot of empty heads who thought all of this was a good idea. As our vehicle manufacturer lays off before they begin to mass produce anything? But WGLT said they made 4401 “trucks” in April, May, and June. Nothing to see here citizens…. move along…. get your booster…. pay your taxes…. and shut up.

  2. Additional vacancies include the former Busey Bank and Commerce Bank buildings. For the Trail East project, 2 occupied spaces on Beaufort were forced to be vacated years ago by the Town. Two of the newer businesses in Uptown are smoke shops, not exactly the business that attract out of town diners and shoppers.

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