Quick hit from Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

Today seems like the perfect time to post this email again, note Pam Reece didn’t send this to the Council:

The underpass isn’t $23 million anymore, it is at least $27 million. (to save 50 feet)

Worse, if all the shiny bells and whistles can’t be afforded during initial construction those can be added later. Either the Town will search for more grants or taxpayers will get the bill. (either way is TAX Dollars)

Chris Koos stated budget doesn’t equal projected cost. What he should have said is budget doesn’t equal ACTUAL cost. Hey Chris, why have a budget if it doesn’t PROJECT the cost? (to save 50 feet)

22 seconds – Koos telling Stan Nord he needs educated:

11 thoughts on “Quick hit from Normal

  1. I don’t think anybody’s going to really use this underpass anyway there was one issue one only it was a loss of life. 23 million of our tax money yes our tax money whether it comes from the state the city county or federal it’s still our tax money. Really people do you really want to go in debt that much further?

  2. If budget doesn’t equal projected costs or at least give guidance to projected cost I would have questions for Mr. Koos’ business accountant.

    He really should explain that statement rather than arrogantly use it as an insult to a fellow council member and business owner.

    I would also expect that Mr. Koos has projected an income increase from his personal business with the completion of the underpass, caused by the expectation of commercial development in its neighborhood. It will be interesting to see if he doesn’t expand his business near the timing of the underpasses completion.

  3. What is clear from Koos’ smart ass remark to Stan Nord is that this Council consistently places wants over needs. No surprise there. What is revealing, however, is that he admits that they figure out what they want first, then figure out how to pay for it later. Money isn’t an obstacle. Screw the taxpayers. Koos gets what he wants regardless.

    Only in government.

    1. @ Uptown
      I agree and would give you a like but this site makes me sign in to WordPress to do that. I dumped WordPress when I was informed that my account had been compromised. 😊
      So – Like

      And I think Koos and others feel threatened by Mr. Nord. They don’t like hard questions.

  4. That 23 million doesn’t even begin to address the expenses. They will eventually have to have police presence because it will be a number one hot spot for crime then there’s the maintenance of cleaning gang graffiti off walls the litter it will accumulate. Just to name a few things that could happen down the road.

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