Flashback 2014 Election – 1% Sales tax for schools

By: Diane Benjamin

I didn’t remember this so I bet you don’t either.

A question was on the 2014 PRIMARY ballot to add a 1% Sales tax to be used only for McLean County school facilities.

I did this story about the tax: https://blnnews.com/2014/03/13/just-how-desperate-is-unit-5/

Voters were promised property taxes would go down if the tax was approved. Voters probably remembered the lottery was supposed to fund education, this was soundly defeated:

Of course the results have to added together from the County site and Bloomington because voters failed to abolish the Bloomington Election Commission when they had a chance. In case you can’t read Bloomington’s – 69.11% voted NO.



Voters didn’t approve the referendum in November for Unit 5. They didn’t fall for “approve the increase” and “your taxes will go down”.

Unit 5 is considering another referendum and putting it on the consolidated ballot next April. They know most people don’t vote in local elections. They should have learned from the County Sales Tax vote only informed active voters show up for primaries and local elections. If they proceed it will fail again.




2 thoughts on “Flashback 2014 Election – 1% Sales tax for schools

  1. “…only informed active voters show up for primaries and local elections.”
    That Used to be the case – the left’s new paradigm is to get as many Uninformed, Inactive voters as possible to mail in ballots, and it seems to be working, based on Pritzger’s re-election and the incumbents’ sweeping Normal’s last election.
    We need to do everything we can to Inform voters, Mobilize our own inactive voters, and sadly, try to figure out how to get ‘unlikely voters’ to stop blindly voting for leftists and instead blindly vote for Good candidates.

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