Normal’s Police pension funding

By: Diane Benjamin

Police pensions are not well funded in Normal:

Fire Department pensions are a least over 50% funded, the rest have pensions funded at OVER 100%. Pam Reece will be fine, public safety personnel might not.

Even with a dismal percent funded, Koos is going to reappoint a current member:

Of course the person is a secret because Koos appoints his own personal army to do his bidding. Pesky citizens knowing ahead of time might get in the way. Taxpayers find out after the Council votes.

Koos couldn’t be anti-police by appointing the same person again, could he? Rewarding failure Koos?



3 thoughts on “Normal’s Police pension funding

  1. If it’s a reappointment, then it’s would be obvious. The pension board is public and you can find out who’s a on it.

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