Connect Transit: Even Bigger Loses

By: Diane Benjamin

PDF page 7 – November 2022 loss: $1,406,902

PDF page 13 – December 2022 loss: $1,389,038

PDF page 26:

PDF page 38 – Better Bus Stop program paused because another route analysis is needed.

PDF page 10:

6 thoughts on “Connect Transit: Even Bigger Loses

  1. I wonder who will service the EV buses when the warp engine flux capacitors fail?

    What a crock and this is just more government waste by the Democrats. I so wish a Republican would replace Durbin ASAP. I am all for term limits.

    I’m all for public transportation. The kind where here is a voucher and now go find a taxi or uber driver in the private sector.

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  2. Over a Million a year in our hard earned tax money going down the drain. Every. Single. Year.
    And Unit 5 has the nerve to shame and guilt the taxpayers.


  3. Does anyone know how many paying people, actually ride the bus? It’s kind of hard to see now how many people are on the bus, now that they are covered with advertising .But from what I have seen on the South West side most have maybe one person, some have none.


    1. I crunched the numbers at some point and IIRC I came up with on average at any given time each bus has two people on it – the driver and the passenger. (And I think that was rounding up, not down.) Yes, you sometimes have a bus to/from ISU that is truly full, but that just means there are a Lot of times many buses have no passengers.
      We need to rethink public transit in Bloomington-Normal. It is in some ways the chicken or the egg – people are more likely to use it if there is enough frequency and enough routes, but setting that up is a horrific waste of taxpayer money if you overestimate the people or underestimate the needed routes. And that’s what we’re seeing now.
      Bloomington-Normal doesn’t have the population density or size to warrant our current system. Whether we need smaller buses, more targeted routes, a coordinated program with uber/lyft/taxis, or something else, I don’t know for sure, but what we have now is not sustainable.

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